Gareth Pugh for MAC Swatches and Review: Ascension Nail Lacquer, Restrict Lipstick

I was able to check out some of the products from the Gareth Pugh for MAC collection. This is MAC's couture collection for 2011, so the packaging is more luxurious and the price is a bit steeper than regular MAC items.

Technakohl liner in Graphblack

I have been using Graphblack technakohl liner for a long time now. I use this on the waterline or to tightline, and it has never irritated my eyes despite the fact that I wear contacts. It is not as deep of a black as let's say Feline, but I like that Graphblack is neither too soft nor too firm that it gouges the eyes. So simple, it just works.

Ascension nail lacquer

Ascension is described as a grey with blue violet reflective pearl (frost). The duochrome is particularly strong, it looks like platinum on the nails with blue and purple duochrome. It looks rather dull when worn alone (and the duochrome doesn't come through prominently), so I think it's best when this is applied over a darker base, particularly a black creme. In the swatches below, I applied Ascension over a red creme, dark creme, and by itself:

Ascension over red creme, Ascension over black creme, Ascension with no base

You can see brush strokes on the swatches, but a topcoat will minimize that effect.

Ascension is $23 each, but you can find similar nail polishes from other brands, like Zoya Ki.

Restrict cremesheen lipstick

Restrict is a nice creamy greyed nude in the cremesheen formula. It is a limited edition product and comes in a very sleek, square tube with MAC inscribed on the side and an X engraved on the top of the cap. The product itself is great for those who wear dramatic or smokey eye looks; this nice nude would look great to balance the darkness of the eyes by showcasing a nude lip. I think that this makes me look dead, so I wear it over darker lipsticks to tone down the color, and the tandem works great. I also like to wear this underneath a darker lipglass to balance out each other. This special edition lipstick costs $22 as opposed to the $15 lipsticks we normally get at MAC.

MAC's couture collection has its own niche clientele, those who are into couture collections and are inclined to use more luxuriously packaged MAC products. If you think the packaging is worth it, you can take a look at this collection which was launched on November 23rd. I believe this will be available in North America only up to December 21st, according to the press materials.

Note: Media sample was provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.

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KCMN said...

Ascension is beautiful! I know there are dupes, but the beautiful packaging is calling me...