Monday, October 24, 2011

How I Dry My Makeup Brushes: Simple Drying Techniques

A couple of years ago, I featured the simple concept my husband concocted for drying my brushes:

He's my MacGyver and the solution was very simple, very logical, using simple tools and materials you can find at home. I liked drying my brushes upside down so that the moisture is kept away from the ferrules. However, over time, the rubber bands snapped and I got too lazy to get some more. Also, I have a bajillion brushes and I don't want to dry just 7 or 8 pieces at a time.

Then my husband thought of another ingenious way. He made me draw the circumferences of my brushes on a piece of paper, and bought drill bits corresponding to those sizes. Then he bought a plastic waste basket and drilled holes in different sizes to accommodate the various circumferences of my makeup brush handles.

Haha! Isn't it cute? I think he needs to patent his ideas before some big brush company gets a hold of them! Which drying solution is better? ;-)

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Galaxia said...

how creative! sometimes it's nice having a hubby around ; )