Nail Stamp Art: Orly Sapphire Silk from Orly Spring Collection 2011

Here is one of my favorite shades from the Orly Spring Collection 2011. Sapphire Silk is a deep muted teal which they say is similar to MAC's Blue India. I have the latter as well and Blue India has a bit more greyish undertone, sort of more dusty:

MAC Blue India

Anyways, they are not complete dupes and I am happy I have both in my collection. In the nail stamp art using Sapphire Silk, I also used my lovely XL image plate "D" with China Glaze Millenium to stamp the image:

XL image plate "D"

I love my XL image plates, the images transfer really well onto the stamp. I accessorized it with cobalt rhinestones.

Have a great weekend!


Sylvia said...

I absolutely love the first mani!

Beauty Addict said...

Love the plate!