MAC Quite Cute Collection Swatches and Review Part 2: CUTiE Eyeshadow Quad and Mineralize Blushes

Here is the continuation of my swatches and review of the MAC Quite Cute collection. In this entry, I will be reviewing the CUTiE eyeshadow quad and the mineralize blushes, as well as my initial thoughts on the nail lacquers.

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CUTiE Eyeshadow Quad:

Moshi Moshi!, Goody Goody Gum Drop
Boycrazy, Azuki Bean

Moshi Moshi!, Goody Goody Gum Drop, Boycrazy, Azuki Bean

This quad is oozing with sweetness, it makes my teeth ache. It has three candy-colored shades and one deeper color for the crease and outer lid, which is actually my favorite shade in this quad. Moshi Moshi! is a frosted pale white green-gold in the frost formula. I think this is the most chalky one out of the four shades, but maybe that's just because I swatched it with a heavy hand. It is the lightest and probably meant to be a highlighter, so it's not supposed to be applied too heavily. I've always wondered why spring shades are not that pigmented, as in the case of CUTiE (okay, what's up with the caps and small i?). These are soft shades that are not as pigmented as fall or winter shades. I have a theory why spring shades have light to medium pigmentation most of the time: if these colors are heavily pigmented (like the heavily-swatched Moshi Moshi!), it would look too chalky. I think that's the reason why MAC and other makeup companies like Clarins opt to have their spring shades light, soft, airy, with light to medium pigmentation. It is spring makeup after all!

Goody Goody Gum Drop is a light white pink in the satin formula. I appreciate the satin in a quad of lustres and frosts. Boycrazy is a pale lavender with silver pearl. Beautiful on the inner lid to make the eyes look refreshed. However, my hands-down favorite is Azuki Bean. It's a midtone frosted dirty violet. It reminds me of Shale but this looks more interesting. I used this quad today with Boycrazy over Goody Goody Gum Drop on the lid, and Azuki Bean on the crease. The latter is the star of the show. It gave the eye look so much more depth and the dirty-purple with sheen looks gorgeous.


Giggly, Sakura



Cute overload, right? These are the new mineralize blushes that have those cute hearts in the middle. The best part? These are NOT oversprays! These hearts go all the way through the product. Great job, MAC!

Top: Sakura: background, heart, mixed
Bottom: Giggly: background, heart, mixed

I did three types of swatches for each blush: the background shade, the heart shade, and the mixture of both shades. Sakura is a lovely lavender with a pearly heart magenta. I kinda like using the lavender background alone but I always get some of the magenta from the heart. The heart adds a bright pop of color to the cheeks. I am wearing it today, and the magenta heart is the one that stands out on my cheeks. It's a beautiful hybrid of lavender and magenta. Love it. The packaging is super cute and adorable as well. And most of all, the heart is not an overspray!

Giggly is quite pretty as well. It is a light pink with pearly plum heart. This time, I am grateful for the plum heart because the light pink alone would have looked too light on my skintone. I equally love both blushes and I can't pick a favorite.


Mischievous Mint, Ice Cream Cake

Aaah! More spring nail lacquers for a nail polish fiend like me! Mischievous Mint is a creamy bale blue mint. Ice Cream Cake is a creamy blue pink. I have not swatched them yet, but I will be posting swatches and nail polish comparison. I will compare Mischievous Mint with Peppermint Patti (although MM is bluer than PP when I eyeballed it), as well as some MAC pinks I own with Ice Cream Cake. They look good enough to eat, though, and I am already thinking of some nail art to use with these new lacquers. Watch out for the nail swatches!

All in all, this is an innovative spring collection that went out of the box in terms of packaging. The stars of the collection are the blushes of cours. The mineralize blushes are pigmented, smooth and quite adorable. If you are not into pastel shades, I suggest you skip the quad, although the colors are pretty enough for a daytime look on a beautiful spring day. The nail lacquer colors are not that unique, but if you don't have these spring colors yet, they would be nice to add to any nail polish collection.

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Note: Media samples were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.


yussrawafi said...

Will u post a pic of u wearing sakura? I am only going to buy one blush cannot afford both any suggestions for dark skin girls!

The Shades Of U said...

yussrawafi- I will be posting a look and tutorial this weekend using products from this collection so you can see how the products work together.