Mineral Makeup Haul Part 1: Cory Cosmetics Mineral Blushes and Eyeshadows

I will be posting a series of hauls from my favorite mineral makeup companies. If you check out my Comprehensive Review of Mineral Foundations I've tried, you would see that I really love mineral makeup. I may be using some liquid foundations in my Face Of The Days, but I only use traditional liquid foundations twice a week at the most. I use mineral makeup most of the time because it is the gentlest on my skin and does not cause any breakouts. Moreover, they don't have parabens and other un-pronounceable ingredients that clog pores and wreak havoc on my skin.

Also, I love supporting small, women-owned online mineral makeup companies. These women put their heart and soul in crafting pure, unadulterated minerals that are free from preservatives and chemicals, and some of these products have even better quality (and much more affordable) than store-bought cosmetics.

The first of these hauls is from an unassuming company called Cory Cosmetics. I love their 45-cent samples. They may look miniscule in their baggies, but be warned: these are pigment bombs. These bad boys pack so much pigment that, really, a crumb or two are all you need. The same goes for Cory's mineral foundations. They are very dense, perhaps the most full-coverage mineral foundation there is on the market. That's why a miniscule amount is all you need for perfectly full coverage. These are some of the full coverage foundation samples that I got from Cory:

I got another samples of Deep Yellow Medium 1 and Deep Yellow Deep, and since one is too light and the other too dark, I am getting full sizes of both products.

The above pictures were from a Cory blush sample haul a year ago. So cute, aren't they? Don't be fooled by the size, though- they are amazingly pigmented. A crumb or two is just perfect for one application. Cory also sells pretty mica-free mineral blushes for those that are allergic to mica:

I just sprinkle a very small amount onto a small condiment dish, dip my duo-fibre blush brush into the dish and swirl the brush onto the product, tap, and apply.

Punchie blush on the cheeks

Honestly, even if you use the blush sample every day, you have enough to probably last you a month. I still have these blush samples from a year ago and I haven't made a dent in them yet!

I do have some full sizes of Cory blushes, though. They are so pretty:

I have two full-size Cory shadows I bought and I use Baked frequently for work. It's a gorgeous khaki with pearlescent shimmer:

How do I store these you ask? I store the samples in my magnetic photo album for easier selection:

If you want to try mineral makeup, it's best to get samples because you don't get stuck with a product you don't like, and when you do commit to a full size after trying the sample, you know that it's money well spent because you know it looks good on your skin. Watch out for more mineral makeup hauls!


Crystal said...

that's a lot of stuff! i really do love their blushes. they're so unbelievably pigmented!

Phyrra said...

I like the Cory products I own. The blushes you have were pretty! Just wish they'd answer their emails.