Zoya Nail Polish Swatches: Happi, Lexi, Goldie, Richelle, Audrina

Here are some more swatches of my pretty Zoya nail polishes from the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange Haul. Let's start with Lexi.

For some reason, Lexi is more of a mauvish-rose frost on my tips rather than a straight pinkish hue. It's pretty, though, but it looks dated on me, porbably because of the frosty finish.

Audrina is BEAUTIFUL. It is perhaps one of the most gorgeous pinks I own. It's a bright hot pink that really brightens up the skin and I believe is universally flattering. No wonder this is one of Zoya's most popular shades.

Happi is a frosty goldish/yellowish pale pink. I am not sure about this color, but it does look very clean on the tips. Can be a nice spring or summer pedicure shade as well.

Richelle is a bronzey gold that is great for nights out because it really catches attention. I love how edgy and yet clean and polished it looks.

Goldie is a much yellower gold than Richelle, and reminds me so much of Misa nail lacquer in Ghetto Fabulous:

If that's the case, I'm sure Goldie would also make a great pedicure shade because Ghetto Fabulous made my piggies look so clean and pretty.

Watch out for the next batch of Zoya swatches!


Bunni said...

Nice swatches! I am slapping myself for not getting Richelle recently. I might have to make another exchange

SilhouetteScreams said...

Oh my god, Goldie is like Sugarpill Goldilux in a nailpolish :O