China Glaze Up And Away Collection Swatches and Review Part II

Check out Part I of the swatches HERE.

I finally got my order from TransDesign, and I am very happy with the shipping time. I got these pretties quickly and they were very well packaged. I oohed an aahhed over the cute pastels and amazing brights. As always, I am impressed with the formula of the Up and Away polishes. These are some of the best China Glazes I've tried. They glide dreamily on the nails and although some of the lighter ones can be streaky if you are not used to applying creams, an extra layer of product will even out the streakies. I can't wait to wear each one!

Light As Air is one of my faves since I love anything purple or lilac. I love the extra-light color of the lilac as I've never had any lilac in this shade yet. I usually don't like pastels, but this one really beckons.

Something Sweet is a lovely pale cotton candy pink but is not a very bright light pink. It is pastel and I just love the lightness, this will be a staple when I need to have a clean, pink polish. The light creme pink would also make a great canvas for Konad nail art.

If Flyin' High is more on the blue side, Four Leaf Clover is a definite green, and it is bright in person. I love this shade, very summery and perky. And as I said, since I love cremes, this is totally up my alley.

Peachy Keen- so melon-y! I love the peachy pastel. Can't wait to wear this. This is also one of my faves. This didn't streak as much as the other light colors.

Lemon Fizz is a very light pastel yellow. It reminds me of Finger Paints polish in Yellow Bikini, but Lemon Fizz is a tad lighter than Yellow Bikini. I like that it's light enough to be not too in-your-face yellow. Pretty!

Sugar High is a very attractive medium pink creme. It is on the warm side of the spectrum, but it doesn't look hideous on my skintone. I like this a lot better than Heli-Yum.

OMG, the perfect purple creme ever! Grape Pop is a dream come true for me. I've always wanted a purple cream this deep but not eggplant-esque, this easy to apply, and basically as gorgeous as this polish. This is hands-down my top favorite. It was also the easiest to apply, and I finished swatching this quicker than the other colors. Grape Pop is a few shades deeper than my other favorite China Glaze purple cream in Spontaneous, and is just as perfect as can be.

High Hopes is a bright watermelon creme, I guess. I am not too fond of this; after I've fallen head over heels in love with Grape Pop, everything else paled in comparison. I might change my mind in the future when I wear it with Konad or nail art. We'll see.

All in all, though, this is a fantastic collection and all the praises and raves are true. These are all cremes, and since I love cremes, this is my dream collection. Give me lovely creme nail polish shades and I'll be content and happy. I honestly can't wait to wear these!


Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

This is my favorite collection from CnG! And I didn't even like pastels :-O Well, I do now :D

The Shades Of U said...

Nea- you will love these, the colors are gorgeous!