MAC Nail Trend Initial Swatches and Review

I was able to try these new nail lacquers from MAC's Nail Trend collection, and I have to say, I loved every single one. I will be getting all of them, they are the perfect fall colors in my favorite formula, cream (the MAC MA said they were matte, but I believe she meant cream as opposed to frost).

For Fun is a lovely rich clean purple that of course I fell in love with as I am such a sucker for purples. I love how lovely the color purple is. The first swatch was taken under direct sunlight, and the second was indoors using a flash. See the difference in color as a result of the lighting used. Also, in the second swatch, base and top coats were used, while the first one was quickly taken without base or top coats.

Dance All Night is a pretty brick red, which is such an amazing fall color. The more I keep looking at these polishes, the more I want to refrain from Konadifying them, as they are so beautiful worn plain, and adding designs will distract from the richness and beauty of these lavish fall colors.

As I had mentioned, I will be getting the rest of the nail lacquer shades. I am into deep, mysterious nail polish shades right now, maybe because my mind is looking forward to fall. I saw the rest of the nail lacquers today. Rich, Dark, Delicious is a beautiful blackened brown, and absolutely reminds me of dark chocolate. Mmmm! The most amazing for me are the greens, Dry Martini, a khaki-olive green, and Beyond Jealous, a blackened blue green. Great fall colors.

Watch out for the rest of the swatches soon.


lelila said...

sis, i'll wait for your review of the dry martini, looks like this two colors wont suit me. =)

The Shades Of U said...

lelila- sis you might like the other swatches I made. Still have to make the Cool Reserve one. :)