MAC Love That Look Swatches and Review Part II

NOTE: Lotusland, Top Hat and Mink & Sable are not part of the current Starflash release.

As I have stated in my previous entry, MAC Love That Look Initial Swatches and Review, I really like the Starflash formula as it glides silky and dreamlike on the skin, and unlike some formulas like lustre, it doesn't tug on the lids or create too-sheer washes. I've viewed and played with all colors, so here are my thoughts on them. The swatches below were taken without base under direct sunlight, so you can really see how the colors look like under natural light.

(Review and swatches after the jump)

Dreammaker is a lovely frosty yellow gold that would be great as either a wash color, highlighter on the browbone or the inner corners. I didn't get it as I have several near-dupes for this. It is a lovely color that could be a staple in every makeup kit, I believe.

Grand Entrance is a frosty neutral peach. This one is REALLY frosty, so if you don't like shimmer, skip this one. I've had it since last year, and I like to use it as an inner lid color to brighten up my eyes, paired with a darker matte crease or outer V color to balance the frostiness.

Ego is a light yellow pink that I got. This would be great to highlight for purples and pinks, or as a wash. I am such a girly-girl, so of course I've got to get Ego.

Fashion Groupie is a light blue violet that I said in the first review is similar to Satellite Dreams. This would be good to pair with purples, pinks, blues, even yellows or golds.

Unbasic White is a bright off-white that would be great as a highlighter. Such a bright color can't make me think of any use for this except to highlight. I can see this as an amazing highlighter for the tearducts to make the eyes look and appear brighter, fresher and more rested.

Glamour Check! is one of my favorite colors from this collection. It is a frosty reddish brown that reminds me of a lighter version of Twinks. Pretty for a fun neutral eye look.

One-Off is a mid-tone green with silver pearl, and one look at it reminded me of my limited edition Guacamole eyeshadow, so I skipped this. Lovely color, though, and if you like greens like me, go get this.

Rated "R" is a bright yellow green that is similar to Sharp from the Tempting quad of Cult of Cherry collection. I used it in THIS LOOK, and it reminded me of my Lucky Green eyeshadow. I used Greenstroke paint pot underneath, though, so the look might be a bit different without Greenstroke.

Style Snob is a dirty pink brown with gold pearl that is absolutely gorgeous. This is my most favorite of the bunch. This would be great as a wash or as a subtle crease color, and to blend gradient colors. This is similar to Twillery from the Inventive Eyes quad, and it also reminds me of Warming Trend from the Cool Heat collection, but they are not entirely dupes of each other.

Twillery and Warming Trend

Smoke & Diamonds, again, is the star of this collection. It is a frosty dirty taupe that I've had since last year, but I don't use it. I guess the reason is that it didn't look too good without a grey cream base underneath. I will get a grey eye primer and will post a look using this. I bet this would look fantastic once the color truly pops on my lid.

Strike A Pose - this caught my eye at the MAC store so I had to have it. It is a beautiful dirty/deep blue green that would be amazing as a summer color. I don't have a MAC eyeshadow that looks similar to this, so I know this would not languish in my 15-pan palette.

Fashion is a light grey green with gold pearl that I didn't really pay much attention to, but if I come back to the counter and see that this would make a great lid color, I would totally get this as well.

As always, the Pearlglide liners glide like butter, and the colors are lovely. Molasses is a dirty mid-tone brown with brown glitter that I am planning to get for those neutral looks that I always sport. Check my previous review for more swatches of these Pearlglides.


plue said...

thanks for the swatches!

will be getting strike a pose n one off! and maybe style snob too! say, i dun see one off swatch in your pics? :P

The Shades Of U said...

plue- click "Read More..." :)

plue said...

hm, weird, my eyes are playing tricks on me! been reading thru both part I n II but haven't seen it!

i'll check again later when my eyes aren't bad! :P

but thanks again darling! :D

The Shades Of U said...

Plue-you're right, I apologize! I forgot to swatch it. :) Will try to do so.