MAC Double Dazzle Dazzleglass Swatches and Initial Review

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Many of you know that I am a dazzleglass fiend/ho'/addict - call me whatever, but I just love these outrageously outlandish glosses. They give amazing shine and twinkle, but it's not in-your-face, chunky Halloween glitter. I believe those are the MAC Reflects glitters (minute particles) mixed into this formula, and the glossy, high-watt sheen is amazing as well. I love the combination of gorgeous shades, colored reflects glitters, high-watt shine and long-lasting formula of this product. When I saw the new dazzleglasses, I really wanted to get them ALL. Seriously. I have the following dazzleglasses: Sugarrimmed, Money Honey (I loved this so much I got a backup), Comet Blue, Glamour O.D., Date Night, Love Alert, Spanking Rich, Miss Dynamite- and seriously, I want more.

This time, though, MAC intends to make the Dazzleglass line permanent after a tsunami-like clamor from dazzleglass bimbos like me. I am so happy they added a whole gamut of amazing shades with different colors of pearls/glitters to choose from.

Some of my dazzleglasses from past collections

More swatches below the cut...

When I saw the new collection of dazzleglasses, I was floored. They were breathtaking! The swatches show how gorgeous the shades and the glitters within are. The sparkles are just beautiful, especially if you see how they shine through the product.

As I said, I'd wanted to get all, but my favorites are:

Moth To Flame
- this is the best shade in my opinion. It is described as a sheer neutral beige with violet pearl. This is the only shade that really called out to me. It is on the warm side but the violet pearl also lends a coolness to it that is so pretty.

Smile is a light coral with pink and gold pearl. I like the warmth of this shade but it's not too warm for me. I love the peachiness of the shade. This would look absolutely fab for summer.

Baby Sparks
- this is the quintessential shiny pink gloss. It's a pale pink with violet pearl that should be a staple in many makeup kits.

Rags to Riches - another to-die-for shade in my opinion. Love how it looks a tad more glossy than the other ones I swatched. It's described as a plummy pink with teal and red pearl. TEAL pearl? That's definitely up my alley!

Money, Honey - as I said, I have two of these so this is such a gorgeous color for me. It is a mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl that really complements my skintone. Holy grail status for me.

Steppin’ Out - it's a clean yellow pink with red pearl which I believe would look good on warm-toned people because of its yellow tones. It looks great alone or over a lipstick, and the shine is signature dazzleglass- phenomenal.

Funtabulous - you know my penchant for purple-based lip products (like Lavender Whip and Orchidazzle lippies), and this purple shade with violet pearl would look beautiful on my skintone. A must-have for me.

- another holy grail product in my book. It's a milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl. It looks amazing on darker lipsticks to tone down the color, and it would look amazing on its own when paired with dramatic eyes or even with no makeup on for the girl-next-door look. Love, love, love.

Stop! Look!
- another purple-based shade that looks pretty. If you like Lavender Whip (or any lilac lippies), this would probably be a great partner for it.

Goldy-rocks is like a golden version of Sugarrimmed, and I might get my hands on this baby, just because I like golds!

There you go, my favorites in the new Dazzleglass collection.

Watch out for another review of the Dazzeglasses!

Which Double Dazzle dazzleglass caught your fancy?


Phyrra said...

Funtabulous really has caught my eye ;)

Great review!

I have Sugarrimmed and Miss Dynamite and love the two of them.

Ressamakeup aka Clarissa said...

"Smile" caught my eye at first...but I love money honey too..
i just feel in love with my sugarimmed and I agree that it is a great lip color alone.

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

thanks for the swatches :-D said...

Phyrra- I am so getting Funtabulous. It's such a gorgeous, amazing shade.

Ressamakeup- I love your choices! Smile is a lovely color, I agree.

Paint Me Gorgeous- my pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the swatches on your hand and for the color descriptions. I am new to Dazzleglass and can not bring myself to paying full retail. Ebay is confusing . . . but with your help, it isn't any longer. I've purchased Moth to Flame and Money, Honey. I will be getting Sugarrimmed and Funtabulous to. Thank you again! Cheers!