BeautyCrunch Haul: Josie Maran Lip Palette and Pop Beauty Blush and Liner Cakes

I really enjoyed putting together my third (consecutive) order at Why not? When the items you place in your online cart are priced $7.25 when originally they were $19, you'd be a little "click-happy" too, right? All the items in my recent haul were priced $7.20, $7.25 and $7.60, with the exception of the Josie Maran My Favorite Lips which was pegged at $14 (originally $35). Here is a closer look with swatches of the stuff I got.

Pop Beauty Blush Cake in Pretty in Pink

Blush Cake, Pretty In Pink
by: Pop Beauty

Especially designed for yellow, medium & olive toned skin. Blossom pinks will counteract any grey or ashy undertones. Swirl brush over all colors to achieve the perfect pink.

5 stripes of cheek color - and each one has 5 tonally correcting colors designed to warm your complexion. Brings your face alive!! Triple milled & micro pulverized for super smooth, delicate and luxurious texture. Maximum silkiness, making the powder look like real skin.

Baby Pink, Vivid Pink, Ballerina Pink with Glitter, Salmon Pink, Berry Rose Glow

My Take: I was surprised by how nice this looked on my skintone. I was hesitant to buy this because it looked too cool-toned for me, but I got reeled in by the description when it said that it is "especially designed for yellow, medium & olive toned skin". The description was spot on. The mixing of the five stripes lends a beautiful pinkish-mauve color on the cheeks that is so pretty. I also like the tin casing; it is utilitarian but it also looks quite girly. I am so glad I got this, especially for the price!

Pop Beauty Cake Liner in Darkness

Eye Cake, Liner Cake - Darkness
by: Pop Beauty

Powder eyeliner palette.

Take the guesswork out of eye makeup; these five-color combos are designed to enhance and bring out your eye color, drawing all the attention to your eyes. Warning: Be prepared for eye-popping attention! Creates smudgy, smoky eyes in an instant with this rich palette of lush shades including: Electric Blue, Silver Black, Velvet Plum, Emerald Green, and Gunmetal.

My Take: This is another great buy! I absolutely love the deep, rich, mysterious shades in this palette. These amazing dark colors would look great as liners or crease/outer V shadows. I also love how the pigments stand out in the swatches- they are pigmented which is great, especially since you like liner colors to POP. I can't pick a favorite from the shades in this liner cake; all are equally brooding and mysterious to me.

Pop Beauty Cheeky Cake in Beach Babe

Cheeky Cake, Beach Babe
by: Pop Beauty

Be a true Beach Babe with this moisturizing duo. One sheer bronzer for all over and one pop color for the apples of your cheeks.

A perfectly paired bronze and blush duo - an all over sheer bronzer with matching blusher for the apples of your cheeks, both in a silky-sheer powder formulation that gives any complexion a warm glow.

deep bronze & golden raspberry

My Take: Summer is fast approaching and I've been on the look-out for the perfect summer bronzer and blush in one. When you're in a hurry, you don't have time to look around for a separate bronzer and blush. This is a two-in-one product that can give you a sheer bronzed glow to your skin and also lend a pretty pop of color on your cheeks. Love this, and I have read good reviews about this product as well.

Josie Maran My Favorite Lips Palette

My Favorite Lips
by: Josie Maran

This decadent lip collection contains four lip colors and four lip glosses in a single, streamlined palette. The palette includes: Lipstick in Adventurous, Lipstick in Flirtatious, Lipstick in Rumi Joon, Lipstick in Devious, Lip Gloss in Compassion, Lip Gloss in Radiance, Lip Gloss in Optimism, and Lip Gloss in Daring.

My Take: It's funny, but when you go to Josie Maran's website, this same palette is being sold for $35, and if you didn't know any better, you'd snag it while Beautycrunch is selling it for less than half that price! This product is classy and gorgeous, however. There is not one dud color in this palette, as all the colors are very wearable and uber-chic (I guess that's the reason why Josie called this "My Favorite Lips"). I was a little disoriented with the scent and taste, though, as I was used to MAC's vanilla-scented lip products. This has a sort of a butter-nutty scent to it. It's not unpleasant, just unusual. I love the slim casing and the very nice chrome-glass effect of the case (sorry, wasn't able to take a picture). Did you notice something missing, however? Yes, you got it, it's lacking a lip brush! This would be a very good buy if they included a lip brush, but I guess you can always use your own, and if you have one it probably wouldn't matter that much anyway.

In THIS LOOK, I was wearing the Pop Beauty blush cake in Pretty in Pink and Josie Maran lipstick in Devious.


hazel said...

Nice haul! I'd love to try the lip palette!

Crystal said...

another haul from beauty crunch? whoa. i would have bought from there if only they had the stila smudgepots set in stock but they don't have it anymore :( prices are really low!

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know I love your informative posts ! inspired by your reviews, i tried EARTHEN GLOW mineral makeup and was stunned by the range of foundation colors. the creaminess is amazing, even the full coverage looks natural not cakey! the eye shadows and blushes are such a huge variety and in bold pigmentation, like NARS, but can be applied light and sheer also. wow, thanks for the lead!

心。葵 @ plue said...

oh darling, the colours are lovely!

i have Beach Beauti and Natural in Nudes and they are great!

And now I want the Liner Cake, Beach Babe, Pretty in Pink and Warm in Sienna! :P Lovely stuff but oh-so-cheap! Well, not that cheap, but still a good deal! said...

hazel- the JM lip palette is a fave of mine as well, the colors are so pretty.

Crystal- I know, I wanted to get the smudge pots too. Do check the site regularly, and follow them on Twitter so you can get their updates on new stocks and what-not.

A- glad you like Earthen Glow, it's one of my favorite MMU companies. All their products are amazing, especially their foundations.

plue- glad to know you like the cheeky cakes, and I agree, they're awesome! The liner cake is amazing, I love how pigmented the shades are.

jojoba said...

i like josie maran my favourite powder palette but her lipstick has a funny scent that i can't get used to. so when i spotted this palette on beauty crunch for such low price, i had to look up reviews on it.

thanks to your lovely swatches and confirming the scent, i now finally pass it for sure. i would have gotten it if it didn't have the scent as the colours on your hand are just gorgeous!

what i shame.

by the way, her palettes are made of biodegratable CORN!!! cool, eh?

but you got me interested in Pop blushes! duh!

gwengshionista said...

i love your blush cake!!! Beauty crunch doesn't ship to the phil. dba?:(