Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup: Spring Solstice Shadows and Gothic Lolita Rouge

It's obvious that Aromaleigh's one of my favorite mineral makeup companies. I love vibrant mineral pigments, shadows and blushes, and Aromaleigh does deliver in that department consistently. There are other mineral companies that I love, but I particularly like Aromaleigh for its mineral pigments. Here are the new ones I'd acquired full sizes and mini jars of.

I love the colors from the Spring Solstice because the shades have a great mix of springy fresh colors and neutrals. This is unfortunately a limited edition collection, but don't worry, Aromaleigh is churning out lots more collections with different colors and textures, and you're bound to find something that is similar to those found in this bunch. ;-)

Also, remember these Gothic Lolita Rouge blushes? These are the best blushes from Aromaleigh that I've tried; the pigmentation and finish are just amazing. As I said, Rococo is a better version of NARS Orgasm on my skin. It gives a pretty peachy-pink flush that is just alluring. I am glad I got mini jars of these blushes that I can play with.

Watch out for looks using these gorgeous minerals!


Morveuse said...

I love the 2 greens! What's the major difference between the 2, though? While being different on the jar, they look almost similar swatched on your skin. I am asking this because I am looking for a great medium green for spring, bright enough to be fresh, dark enough not to look too "Chartreuse", not too khaki so that it doesn't fight with my eyes!

rasilla said...

Nasturtium looks lovely~