The MAC Viva Glams: Swatches and Review

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The Viva Glams have held a special place in my makeup stash, not only because 100% of what I paid for these was for a good cause, but because the very first MAC lipstick I fell in love with was a Viva Glam. When I didn't know squat about MAC, I asked the MAC MA to help me find a lipstick that would flatter my skintone. The girl gave me MAC Viva Glam V to try, and I when I saw myself in the mirror, I really uttered an audible "Wow". It truly brightened my skintone and the warm tones really complemented my color. I loved it so much that I am now on my third tube of VGV lipstick and second tube of the VGV lipglass (this combination is awesome). For ladies with the same skintone as mine, I always recommend the VGV as a bridal lipstick. Even the other Viva Glams are amazing - they have very beautiful, classic shades that will always be in style. Here are some of the swatches.

Aside from VGV, my faves are II and IV. Now, however, the new VGVI Special Edition is such a gorgeous color that it's also become a fave. It's a beautiful soft blue pink which I thought wouldn't look good on me because it has definite cool undertones, but I was amazed that it actually looked great. In the look below, I used En Pointe lipglass over it to lend a soft warm shimmer. On its own, though, it still looked nice on my skintone. I will be coming up with swatches of these on my lips in the coming days.

Wearing VGVI Special Edition with En Pointe lipglass on top

VGVI Special Edition

I also can't wait to try the VGVI Special Edition lipglass which is a soft, pink-tinged mauve. Just the description alone is making my mouth water!


izumi said...

i was actually eyeing II.. i'm pretty sure i have IV.. but i'm not sure :X looking forward to your swatches!

A. Rose said...

VGVI looks gorgeous on you!! I need to get my hands on some of these...thank you for the swatches!

Chrystal said...

That is a very pretty shade on you. Its subtle and makes the whole look of the makeup seem light and natural.

xphoenix06 said...

The color is gorgous on you!