My MAC Birthday Haul

I turned a year older today so I'd thought of treating myself with some MAC stuff (haha, what else is new ;P ). Anyways, before I went to the MAC store, I was in another store when I overheard a lady bragging to her friend about the MAC Hello Kitty tote that she got as a freebie. I knew that some MAC stores do give those away, but I wasn't sure that that was the case in all stores. So when I was inside MAC before I paid for my items, I asked the MA if I could have a tote, and she said of course!

It's so cute!

I noticed that I have a lot of limited edition MAC shadows, but I don't have much basic, neutral shadows from the permanent line. I was eyeing some MAC permanent shadows but was never able to get them. I finally snagged them today in convenient Pro pans so it's easy to place them in my 15-pan palette.

I don't have any plans of getting the Too Dolly palette from the Hello Kitty collection because I already have Romping (the bright purplish pink) and I have a bajillion mint greens in my makeup stash, so I just got a pro pan of Yogurt. It's a beautiful matte light pink that would be great as an all-over lid color. I was interested in Shale as well, a smokey dirty purple with sheen, and the MA said that it would go well with Yogurt (the latter on the lid and Shale on the crease), so I got Shale as well. And Wedge, well, I'd been lemming for it for ages, so I got that too.

Here is my new 15-pan palette with the newly depotted shadows. I still have space for the 100 Strokes, Rose Blanc and Brule, and that completes my 9th shadow palette. I get requests to feature my MAC eyeshadow collection, but I have already featured them in a previous post. Click the link below for detailed photos and information on the rest of my palettes.

My MAC Eye Shadows: A Reference Guide


shopaholic said...

Happy birthday to you, I wish you all the best ^^ You have very good skill on makeup :)

Askmewhats said...

awww great gifts for yourself :) Happy birthdaY TO YOU :)

melvel said...

Aw, two of my favorite beauty bloggers have birthdays almost on the same day! Happy birthday, Ms. Aileen!

BTW, is that Soft Flower or Sushi Flower?

Livia said...

happy happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!
Love the haul. Shale is such a pretty colour. :o)

I hope you had a great day.


心。葵 @ plue said...

happy birthday! Love your MAC stuff! :P

clara said...

We share the same birthday! =)))
I have yet to spend my birthday money though. Glad you got what you wanted. I just got Wedge recently too, and I think it's such a necessary color to have!

Shen said...

Happy Birthday, A! :) Great hauls!! MAC definitely makes a birthday girl happy! :)

Rheena said...

Happy Birthday. Nice gifts :-)

Shen said...

happy birthday A! :) great hauls. :) those classic shadow definitely looks great on you! :) HOPE YOU HAD A FUN CELB OF YOUR B-DAY! :)

gio said...

Happy belated birthday! Great haul!

Leann said...

What a cute bag!! I love buying makeup :)

Liz W said...

Happy birthday! Yay, we're both Pisces. I was Feb. 23. I also got a Hello Kitty tote and Yogurt eyeshadow during that haul. We have similar taste. Hope you had a great one!

Shades Of U said...

shopaholic- thank you, and thanks for the compliment. :)

Melvel- thanks, I'm honored to be one of the two. :) The pink shadow is Soft Flower from the Ungaro collection. Love it coz it's matte but vibrant and has good color payoff.

Livia- thank you! :)

Eva- thank you! I agree, Shale is so gorgeous, I can't believe I'd gone without it for so long.

Plue- thank you! :)

Shen- thanks girl! I've had a great birthday celebration with my family, and next week with my friends. :)

Clara- yay for February birthdays! I agree, Wedge is a must-have in every stash.

Reena- thank you :)

Leann- Obviously, I love buying makeup too. =D

Gio- thank you for all the nice comments. :)

Liz- wow! We do have quite a few things in common. Yup, MAC makes a birthday girl happy! Thanks for the greeting. :)

cavano said...

Happy B'day, Aileen! Nice choices you got there. Shale is my FIRST MAC shadow lol (and remains my fave), and Wedge is my staple crease color now!