Misa Nail Polish Swatches Part I

I was finally able to swatch my twelve shades from Misa. I love the colors, and although I knew I picked somewhat neutral or safe shades, I am already looking forward to my next order of some more colorful shades. I love the texture of this brand, although some did tend to run streaky, but I was able to fix it with a few additional swipes of the brush. Here are the first six swatches. I will be posting swatches of the next six in another entry.

Jasmine is a beautiful lavender color in a cream formula without shimmer. I love cream formulas so this is such a gorgeous shade to me. This reminds me of my China Glaze polish in Spontaneous, although the latter is a deeper purple.

I love purples so these two shades will get a lot of love from me. If you are wondering how these shades are different from Parlez Vous OPI? from OPI's France collection, Jasmine is lighter than Parlez Vous but the latter has some grey undertones, and Jasmine is a clean lavender shade. Spontaneous is deeper than Parlez Vous with no grey undertones.

I love Sugar Peach Beige. It is a shimmer polish that does look like a marriage of beige tones and the color of brown sugar with peach undertones. It looks great on my skin.

Pink Champagne
was one of those lacquers that streaked. I was able to hide most of the streaks, and it looks like opaque milk color with pink undertones. I love the color because it looks very clean on the nails and looks classy. This would be great to use at work; it looks chic and professional at the same time.

I am on the fence about this color. It is probably the boldest color from my Misa haul, and it is a very strong gold color. It might be a great color for the toes but I'm not so sure on the tips. On the right skintone, this would be absolutely gorgeous.

Deluxe Honey Ice
is also another great color. This is beautiful on my skintone. It is a cool taupe with shimmer but I can see warm undertones as well. This is cooler than Sugar Peach Beige but they are somewhat similar.

Teddy Bear
is one of my favorites from my Misa haul. It is a beautiful taupe-bronze with shimmer and gold undertones. It is wonderful on my skintone and I believe one of the more popular Misa shades. I can't wait to wear this color. It is neutral enough for work but bold enough to stand out.

Watch out for Part 2 of the Misa swatches!


Phyrra said...

I have Ghetto Fabulous, and it's such a pretty, over the top gold!

Lovely colors!

Askmewhats said...

I have never tried or own any color in the Jasmine one fron Misa Nail :) so pretty

Shades Of U said...

Phyrra- I agree; I just had a pedicure at the salon and I asked them to use Ghetto Fabulous, it is so beautiful on my toes, so clean and vivid at the same time.

Nikki- Jasmine is one of my faves from this haul. :)