Frownies PH Balancing Complexion Wash and Rose Water Spray: A Review

Last year, I received a package from Frownies, a popular brand that touts itself as an alternative to costly Botox injections. It claims that its Frownies patches can reduce wrinkles while one sleeps. In this economy, if someone can prove that there is a healthier, all-natural way to reduce wrinkles instead of undergoing expensive dermatological procedures, I am all for trying it out. Frownies patches are described on their website as follows:

A wrinkle treatment that addresses the physical cause of deep lines, Frownies are facial pads made from natural, skin-friendly materials. Frownies are applied to the forehead and corners of the eyes and mouth to gently re-educate the underlying muscles to assume their correct, relaxed and natural appearance. Frownies, in fact, allow the deep expression lines to heal leaving younger, relaxed-looking skin.

I have not tried the patches yet because I believe that I still don't have those wrinkles (Believe, just believe!), but I still want to try them out soon. I will put up my review of this product after I have roadtested it, but this entry is about the two other products in the kit that I have already tried. Both of them are part of Frownies' anti-aging sytem. I'll start off with the PH Balancing Complexion Wash.

In the photo above, the Complexion Wash is on the left side, and the Rose Mist Spray is on the right.

Clean and Detoxify
Use the utmost in facial cleansers & detoxifiers before applying Immune Perféct wrinkle cream, Immune Shield serum or Frownies Facial Patches. A concentrated soap-free glycolic wash that gently but deeply cleans the skin of imbedded oil, wax and trapped pollution build-up. The best in sensitive skin products, this unique wash is gentle, certainly, but it's also powerful for those of you who need products for oily skin, or blemished skin. Believe it when we say that sensitive skin care has evolved, and Frownies pH Balancing Complexion Wash is now a must in every beauty regimen. Contains the freshness of lavender essential oil and the cleaning power of soapwort and soap yucca to detoxify, balance, and clean the skin's surface without soap and detergent dryness. A little goes a long way

At first, I really didn't like the smell of this product because to my mind it smelled acidic. When I read the ingredients, though, I finally understood why: the main ingredient is Organic Apple Juice, with lemon juice thrown in the mix. As the days passed, however, I got accustomed to the smell and I actually thought it was pretty pleasant. It really cleanses my combination skin thoroughly without stripping it dry. I use this every morning in the shower and my face really feels clean every time I step out of the shower. The bonus is that it contains natural ingredients and it is not technically soap that touches my skin.

Rose Water Hydrator Spray

This product is supposed to work in tandem with the Frownies patches as it activates the adhesive side of the patches for them to stick to the problem area/s. However, it can also be used as a toner in conjunction with all the Frownies' anti-aging skin care products. It also doubles as a mist to set makeup. I used it to blend my mineral makeup into the skin. After I buffed a layer of mineral foundation onto my face, I spritzed three times with the Rose Water Hydrator, then continued to buff the foundation into the skin. The smell was a wonderful scent of roses and it made my mineral foundation flawless indeed. It made the skin look luminous, hydrated and plump with moisture. It is also sterile, bacteria-free and contains anti-oxidants to nourish the skin. It has these key ingredients that make it a wonderful face spray:

Key Ingredients

Glycerin: assists the skin in both looking and feeling better
Aloe Juice: healing treatment and natural anti-oxidant
Grapefruit Seed: anti-oxidant to fight free radical damage
Comfrey: stimulates growth and heals damage from free radicals
Hyaluronic Acid: plump fine lines
Rose Oil: the finest of essential oils

My take is that this is one of the best hydrator sprays that I've used. I am in love with the scent, the clean feeling it gives to my skin, and I love how it makes my mineral foundation flawless. I can't wait to use it with the Frownies patches.

All in all, Frownies PH Balancing Complexion Wash and the Rose Hydrator Spray are real winners in my book. I couldn't be happier with these products. I am excited to try the Frownies patches and see if they are as good as these products that I have just reviewed.


Eunice ~ Vox said...

I'm definitely looking forward to your reviews on the Frownies.. If it works, then it'll be the saviour for my frown lines..

Angie said...

I was just thinking about the frown lines between my eyes this morning and was wondering if I can use tape to minimize frowning when I sleep and lo and behold, you posted about frownies. You're my saviour, now I don't have to subject myself to tape (can you imagine? hahaha ;p). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Looking forward to your review.

Anonymous said...

where can I buy the frownies product?

Anonymous said...

You can buy them at