My Simple Birthday Look

As I turn a year older, I chose simple, neutral colors mainly because I was running late. I also used the photo op to feature DreamWorld's creme topping in Butter creme. This is exactly how I want my finished face to look - not flat-out matte but not uber-glowy either. Butter creme may look pretty yellow in the container but it looks sheer and natural when applied. I made the mistake however of ordering the creme topping in the silk formula, as I realized that it didn't do such a good job of absorbing oil on my greasy t-zone. I had to apply my Milan Minerals Oil at Bay primer on my t-zone using my concealer brush to combat the oil. Oil at Bay is a terrific product, but I want to eliminate that step in order to simplify my routine. That said, I am going to order creme toppings with clay and silica from now on in order to eliminate the extra step of using Oil at Bay. I can't wait to try out my other variants of the creme toppings as they are gorgeous as well.

As for my birthday celebration, the family went out yesterday evening for dinner instead of today because the hubby has work. Co-workers and friends treated me out for lunch, and I received a slew of text messages, e-mails, calls and PMs from family, friends and well-wishers. Hubby is sending me off to New York next week to see my closest cousins and to enjoy the city that never sleeps as his birthday gift for me, and I cannot wait! To everyone who remembered and who sent their greetings, thank you so much, you made this day truly extra special (you know who you are guys!).

MAC Beige-ing shadestick on lid as base
Valerie Beauty eyeshadow in Miranda foiled on lid and used wet on inner lower lashline
Valerie Beauty eyeshadows in Fall and Gala on crease and outer V
Valerie Beauty eyeshadow in Delicate Sweetness to highlight
MAC Graphic Brown fluidline on upper lashline
Shu Uemura lash lifting and MAC Zoomlash mascaras

Camellia Rose skin smoothing primer
DreamWorld mineral foundation in Theia and Tethys (70-30 mix) (Luna formula)
Mary Kay undereye concealer in Ivory topped with
Bare Escentuals Well Rested
Milan Minerals Oil at Bay on t-zone
DreamWorld creme topping in Butter creme
Ocean Mist mineral blush in Vanora

Almay Ideal lipliner in 105 Bronze
MAC lipsticks in Captive and Touch
MAC lipglass in Sugar Trance

Some More DreamWorld Stuff

By now you should probably know that I am such a sucker for DreamWorld's stuff. I got some more pretty samples of eyeshadows and Kiss of the Demons blush collection, a full size jar of my precious Tethys foundation in the Luna formula, a full size eyeshadow in Atlantean Treasure (beautiful dark, bronzey brown!), and samples of Ellie's creme toppings (or finishing powders). I cannot rave enough about how great DreamWorld products are. I got some samples of the creme toppings, and Ellie threw in a free sample of Whipped Creme (sheer white creme topping). I tried the Butterscotch Creme today and I was totally floored by how perfect the finish was. It has a soft-focus effect and blurs fine lines and imperfections. Ellie has 3 formulas of the creme toppings: Clay and Silica, with Silk Powder but with no Clay and Silica, and with Clay but no Silica. I chose the Silk formula and it was gorgeous. However, since I have an oily t-zone, I believe I should get the Clay and Silica formula next time. The creme toppings are so, so pretty; I can't wait to try the other variants. It's so addicting because it totally elevates and de-flats your makeup look, and the many variants all create a soft difference. One can give a soft lilac luminosity, the other brightens your complexion because of its yellow undertones, and so on. Just beautiful.

Here are some swatches of DreamWorld eyeshadows. I used Mary, Joan and Cherry Blossom today (not in pictures), and they are so pretty. I prefer to use these shadows wet for maximum color pay-off (without being garish).

Don't you love the names of these?

And these?

I've also wanted to try the Kiss of the Demons blush collection because they looked so pretty on the site. I asked Ellie if I can buy samples of these but she told me these don't come in samples, but she said she would send me samples as gifts. Talk about amazing CS! Thank you so much for the samples, Ellie, they are beautiful! I love Dante's Heart the best, although the rest are very pretty as well. The lighter ones like Allister's Dream and Gregori's Smile would make awesome glows, in my opinion.

MAC For Fafi Lipsticks and Lipglasses: A Review

The lip products in the Fafi collection are my most-liked items in the collection second to the paint pots. I was surprised that many too-vibrant shades for me actually go pretty sheer and sweet on the lips. These lipglasses and lipsticks are very buildable; you can wear them sheer and natural, or you can layer them for a delicious pop of color on your puckers. The only things I didn't like in the items however are the packaging and the glitters. I didn't care much for the laminated Fafinettes on the tubes, and I am not crazy about the glitters either. However, not all lip products have obvious glitters on them. Moreover, you can layer lipglasses over the lipsticks to tone down glitterati on the latter.


Fun N Sexy is a vibrant pink with blue pearl shimmer. I was scared to try this at first because I never liked hot pink in my lipticks, but I was surprised that it went buttery smooth on my lips and in fact was pretty sheer. I love it paired with Sugar Trance lipglass as it gives a very luscious, sweet pink sheen.

Not So Innocent is a sheer, light tan with pink and peach pearl. It would look best paired with a smokey or a dramatic eye when you want to tone down your lips. I like it applied under Totally It lipglass.

High Top is a grey purple lipstick with lavender pearl. I believe I look best in any lilac hue, so I really like this color. I also like the fact that it gives off a duo-chrome sheen. The purple tinge doesn't make me look dead but in fact complements my skintone.

Flash N Dash
is an intense tangerine with pink pearl. It should be a favorite because it reminded me of Revlon's classic lipstick, Toast of New York (this was actually the lipstick my makeup artist used on me on my wedding day). It really complements my warm undertones. However, I think I am partial to Strawbaby which I believe belongs in the same color family.

Strawbaby - this shade really surprised me because as I said in a previous entry, I thought all strawberry shades of lipstick look horrendous on me. It actually looked pretty nice on my skintone. I LOVE it paired with Sugar Trance. This exudes a pretty coral rose that is so feminine.


Sugar Trance - my favorite lipglass from Fafi. This totally takes any lipstick color paired with it to a whole new dimension. I also like it used alone for a luscious, barely there look. This is such a gorgeous shade of lipglass.

Cult Fave - a blue mid-tone pink with white pearl. This one is pretty much okay, but MAC has priorly released a whole slew of shades similar to this. It is nice, but not very unique.

Totally It looks scary hot pink in the tube, but goes on pretty sheer like Fun N Sexy. I like it used alone for a soft spring/summer look. It is a very sweet color that would look great with pinks, whites, soft pastels.

Squeeze It - a dark-looking brassy plum in the tube, and dramatic when worn. I love it for those bare-eye looks when I want my lips to be showcased. I love the pigmentation of this lipglass, it's almost like liquid lipstick. It is packed with color and shine.

All in all, the Fafi lip products are great if you like bold or sweet colors, and if you really want your lips to be showcased. If you want neutral, hush-hush colors, though, you are better off with those from the N collection. Fafi exudes fun, color, with a dash of sweetness sprinkled in the mix.

Valerie Beauty and MAD Minerals Haul

Here are some more gorgeous multi-purpose shadows from Valerie Beauty and MAD Minerals. I swear I can't get over how pretty these are. Both were ordered during their respective companies' sales, and I sometimes can't believe I got these minerals at an amazing price. I got Val's Blue Jeans Baby collection and these came with a gorgeous denim tote bag that is just right for laid back, carefree weekends. It's just a pretty tote and I use it to place all my books, magazines, and my son's juice when I bring him to the park to play. The minerals are pretty as well. Regular readers would know how I love Val's shadows because the amazing pigmentation and great staying power, and these new arrivals didn't disappoint. My favorites are Skintight, Stonewashed and Bell Bottom as beautiful washes, and the gorgeous Boot Cut as crease color or liner.

I also got MAD's 20-pc mega sampler of multi-purpose minerals and full-sizes of its gorgeous greens in Spruce and Sultry Green. I admit I wasn't interested in buying MAD multis before because I thought they were cheap, low-quality minerals. Well, they are inexpensive, especially during sales, but these are not low-quality at all. These are very pigmented, fine-quality products, and I am amazed at how generous the full-sizes are. These are PACKED full and without any sifters.

I will be swatching my MAD minerals soon so stay tuned.

MAC Fafi Look

Well, sort of. I basically used five products from that collection: Girl Friendly paint pot, Fashion Frenzy blush, Belightful iridescent powder, Strawbaby lipstick and Sugar Trance lipglass. I really love all the products I incorporated in this look, starting with Girl Friendly. I made it my secondary eye base. I used my ever-trusty Beige-ing shadestick as base, then applied Girl Friendly on the lid over it. The pinks in my eyeshadows became vibrant and alive with this paint pot underneath. Staying powder was likewise excellent. I could have and should have used Nice Vice paint pot as my base on the outer lid to make my purples pop out, but I didn't have time. That would have really made the outer colors look alive, almost 3D-like (wrong word, that sounds scary!). I chose to underplay the colors to make it appear subtler for daytime wear.

Fashion Frenzy blush is so pretty especially in person, and Belightful over it just gave it the subtlest shimmer that is just gorgeous. The shimmer is neither garish nor undetectable; it strikes a pretty balance so the effect is subtle but definitely noticeable.

Strawbaby definitely surprised me. I've always thought that strawberry-colored lipsticks would look horrific on me, but it was actually pretty nice! I liked it all the more when I applied Sugar Trance lipglass over it. These two products definitely complement each other. I like the glossy, luscious effect of Sugar Trance, and I like how it lightens considerably darker lipsticks to create a soft-focus, shimmery effect.

MAC Beige-ing shadestick on lid as base and lower lashline
MAC Girl Friendly paint pot on lid
MAC Swish eyeshadow on lid and inner lower lashline
MAC In Living Pink eyeshadow on middle of lid
MAC Nocturnelle eyeshadow on crease and outer V and on outer lower lashline
MAC Almond Icing eyeshadow to highlight
Indelible gel liner in Black Cherry on upper lashline
Shu Uemura lash lifting and MAC Zoomlash mascaras

Camellia Rose skin smoothing primer
Buff'd mineral foundation in Chamois and Almond (70-30 mix)
Mary Kay undereye concealer in Ivory topped with
Bare Escentuals Well Rested
Bare Escentuals mineral veil
MAC Fashion Frenzy blush
MAC Belightful iridescent powder over blush

Almay Ideal lipliner in 105 Bronze
MAC lipstick in Strawbaby
MAC lipglass in Sugar Trance

MAC For Fafi Paint Pots and Comparison Swatches

Okay, I think I've said for the upteenth time that the paint pots are my favorite items in the Fafi collection. Here is a review on the six wonderful paint pots from Fafi, and a comparison with the previous paint pot releases as well.

Nice Vice- This is a beautiful, rich dirty purple with purple pearl. It is shimmery and would be a beautiful base for purple, plum and berry eye colors. In fact, anything can be paired with this (blues, browns) and the effect would still be lovely, in my opinion. I've always longed for a true, rich purple paint pot because MAC had released everything BUT a purple paint pot, and I am really glad we have one in this collection. Here is a comparison swatch with Artifact. The latter has more red undertones and much more wine-ish in color.

Girl Friendly - A beautiful, creamy pink with grey undertones. I love the formula which is cream. I actually prefer the more matte paint pots to the shimmery ones because the shadows I layer on top of matte paint pots get to have longer staying power and don't crease compared to the shimmery ones used as base. Girl Friendly would look smashing with pinks, plums, purples, and anything in that color family. This is a favorite of mine, I so love the color. It is understated but I know it would give the pop of fresh rosey color that I would need (and demand). I swatched it side by side with Fresco Rose and Girl Friendly is undoubtedly the former's matte cousin:

- a pretty pop of aqua with white pearl. It is the shimmery kind of paint pot (frost), this reminds me so much of the beach. It is undeniably the most "fun" color out of the Fafi paint pot bunch, and of course would look great with blues, greens, golds and yellows. I see very strong gold undertones in Rollickin', and I can imagine a myriad of looks that can be used with this.

I swatched some of my green and blue paint pots, and here they are side by side with Rollickin':

It is a softer, sheerer version of Other Worldly paint pot, methinks, sort of like a marriage between Other Worldy and Green Stroke.

Layin' Low - ah, another beautiful all-over eye base right here, especially for medium to darker skintones. First of all it's a cream formula, so I bet the staying power of eyeshadows layered over it would be really good if not excellent. Secondly, I love that paint pots are spreadable enough with your finger or a taklon brush that it would be easy to make Layin' Low as sheer or as opaque as you want. This would be a pretty base with just about anything, including browns, beiges, bronzes, coppers.

Here is Layin' Low in comparison with paint pots in similar colors. It is lighter than Quite Natural, Constructivist and Groundwork, so this would be perfect as an all-over lid base.

Perky - Perky is a cream coral with white pearl (satin finish). This is my least favorite paint pot in the Fafi lot, but a pretty one nonetheless. I should have swatched it next to Rubenesque because I feel they are similar, but not close enough that you can skip Perky if you have Rubenesque. Perky has a definite coral shade to it that would look great under eyeshadows like Paradisco, Honesty, and Melon and Goldenaire pigments. Even though I love these eyeshadow colors, I don't know why I am not that attracted to Perky. Maybe I should try those colors over it, because they sound so pretty that I might change my mind.

Cash Flow - this is my ultimate favorite of the bunch. Love, love, love its green gold with gold pearl hue. It's a frost finish but I really don't care, I'd love to layer it over my Beige-ing shadestick and under my gold, green, specifically forest and smokey greens; I'd bet this would look absolutely beautiful. I also can see it go with blues, bronzes and teals. As I said, this to me is like the paint pot version of Uppity fluidline, with more green in it. Here is Cash Flow swatched with other paint pots:

I thought this would be similar to Indianwood but the latter turned out to be much darker. Cash Flow is just soft, sheer and oh so pretty.

All in all, I think MAC has tremendously improved the formulas of paint pots over the past months. The newer releases have more cream/satin formulas that give better staying power. The shimmery ones can also give decent life to your shadows, but I always layer them over my Beige-ing shadestick. Nonetheless, the shimmery ones are just gorgeous and give beautiful pops of color to your eye makeup. I can't wait to include these paint pots in my upcoming eye looks.

MAC For Fafi Product Photos and Swatches

I did a mini-review of the Fafi Collection here, and Fafi information and promo pictures can be found here. That said, I finally laid my grubby hands on some Fafi paint pots. These are my favorite items in this collection, so I can't wait to incorporate them in my looks in the next few days or so. I also like the Belightful iridescent powder; it comes out really sheer but glowy, just perfect for that whisper of glowy skin that we sometimes need to give our look a little lift. It's really very pretty. Here are some swatches and product photos for now. I will save enough space in my blog for an in-depth review of the Fafi products in the next few days.

Tutorial Using Green Minerals

I haven't used green minerals in quite a while (in fact, I think I used Lumiere's Cat's Eye here for the first time), but I love how pigmented these eyeshadows turned out. I also love My Minerals Bath and Body's (MMBB) Smokey Green. The name may be simple but it really gave this look a smokified dimension.

Apply MAC Beige-ing shadestick all over lid, brows and browbone, blend everything using middle finger. Apply shadestick on lower lashline as well. Using a shader brush, foil Lumiere Cat's Eye using MAC mixing medium on lid.

Using the same damp shader brush used in applying Cat's Eye, apply Fyrinnae Elven Dagger on outer half of lid.

Apply Valerie Beauty Anahata on outer lid using shame shader brush.

Using MAC 222 tapered blending/crease brush, apply MMBB Smokey Green on crease, blending into outer V.

This is how it should look so far. If you want it more smokey, you can add more Smokey Green like I did.

Apply MAC Ricepaper on inner corners traveling upwards to the browbone, blending harsh edges. Apply liner, mascara, fill in brows, apply falsies (used Red Cherry #503), apply MAC Blacktrack fluidline over lashline. Apply Cat's Eye on inner half of lower lid, and Anahata on outer half of lower lid.

Camellia Rose skin smoothing primer
DreamWorld mineral foundation in Theia and Tethys (60:40 mix) (Luna formula)
Mary Kay Signature undereye concealer in Ivory topped with
Bare Escentuals Well Rested
Bare Escentuals mineral veil
Lumiere veena blush in Magnolia
MAC Lightflush MSF over blush

Rimmel 1000 Kisses stay-on lipliner in Tiramisu
MAC lipstick in Brave
MAC lipglass in Nymphette