Some More DreamWorld Stuff

By now you should probably know that I am such a sucker for DreamWorld's stuff. I got some more pretty samples of eyeshadows and Kiss of the Demons blush collection, a full size jar of my precious Tethys foundation in the Luna formula, a full size eyeshadow in Atlantean Treasure (beautiful dark, bronzey brown!), and samples of Ellie's creme toppings (or finishing powders). I cannot rave enough about how great DreamWorld products are. I got some samples of the creme toppings, and Ellie threw in a free sample of Whipped Creme (sheer white creme topping). I tried the Butterscotch Creme today and I was totally floored by how perfect the finish was. It has a soft-focus effect and blurs fine lines and imperfections. Ellie has 3 formulas of the creme toppings: Clay and Silica, with Silk Powder but with no Clay and Silica, and with Clay but no Silica. I chose the Silk formula and it was gorgeous. However, since I have an oily t-zone, I believe I should get the Clay and Silica formula next time. The creme toppings are so, so pretty; I can't wait to try the other variants. It's so addicting because it totally elevates and de-flats your makeup look, and the many variants all create a soft difference. One can give a soft lilac luminosity, the other brightens your complexion because of its yellow undertones, and so on. Just beautiful.

Here are some swatches of DreamWorld eyeshadows. I used Mary, Joan and Cherry Blossom today (not in pictures), and they are so pretty. I prefer to use these shadows wet for maximum color pay-off (without being garish).

Don't you love the names of these?

And these?

I've also wanted to try the Kiss of the Demons blush collection because they looked so pretty on the site. I asked Ellie if I can buy samples of these but she told me these don't come in samples, but she said she would send me samples as gifts. Talk about amazing CS! Thank you so much for the samples, Ellie, they are beautiful! I love Dante's Heart the best, although the rest are very pretty as well. The lighter ones like Allister's Dream and Gregori's Smile would make awesome glows, in my opinion.


Vanessa said...

OOH! I love hatshepsut and Sand fairy!

Stefie said...

Oh wow... You've really got me excited about Dreamworld's products. I remember the first time I read about them - I checked them out a couple of times but the navigation on their site gave me such a terrible headache. You've convinced me to give them a second chance.

quickfYx said...

thanks for the swatches sis and Happy Birthday pala! yda84

shades of hue said...

Vanessa- aren't they pretty? I love hatshepsut too, and Sand Fairey is so YOU, reminds me of Your Ladyship pigment. :)

stefie- you're right, the website can give you a migraine if you aren't used to it, but I figured out that it is arranged according to the different "worlds" of Ellie, so I finally figured it out. It doesn't follow a conventional format, even the format conforms to its theme. The creme toppings have their own tab on the right side of your screen. :)

Yda- thanks sis for remembering!