MAC For Fafi Paint Pots and Comparison Swatches

Okay, I think I've said for the upteenth time that the paint pots are my favorite items in the Fafi collection. Here is a review on the six wonderful paint pots from Fafi, and a comparison with the previous paint pot releases as well.

Nice Vice- This is a beautiful, rich dirty purple with purple pearl. It is shimmery and would be a beautiful base for purple, plum and berry eye colors. In fact, anything can be paired with this (blues, browns) and the effect would still be lovely, in my opinion. I've always longed for a true, rich purple paint pot because MAC had released everything BUT a purple paint pot, and I am really glad we have one in this collection. Here is a comparison swatch with Artifact. The latter has more red undertones and much more wine-ish in color.

Girl Friendly - A beautiful, creamy pink with grey undertones. I love the formula which is cream. I actually prefer the more matte paint pots to the shimmery ones because the shadows I layer on top of matte paint pots get to have longer staying power and don't crease compared to the shimmery ones used as base. Girl Friendly would look smashing with pinks, plums, purples, and anything in that color family. This is a favorite of mine, I so love the color. It is understated but I know it would give the pop of fresh rosey color that I would need (and demand). I swatched it side by side with Fresco Rose and Girl Friendly is undoubtedly the former's matte cousin:

- a pretty pop of aqua with white pearl. It is the shimmery kind of paint pot (frost), this reminds me so much of the beach. It is undeniably the most "fun" color out of the Fafi paint pot bunch, and of course would look great with blues, greens, golds and yellows. I see very strong gold undertones in Rollickin', and I can imagine a myriad of looks that can be used with this.

I swatched some of my green and blue paint pots, and here they are side by side with Rollickin':

It is a softer, sheerer version of Other Worldly paint pot, methinks, sort of like a marriage between Other Worldy and Green Stroke.

Layin' Low - ah, another beautiful all-over eye base right here, especially for medium to darker skintones. First of all it's a cream formula, so I bet the staying power of eyeshadows layered over it would be really good if not excellent. Secondly, I love that paint pots are spreadable enough with your finger or a taklon brush that it would be easy to make Layin' Low as sheer or as opaque as you want. This would be a pretty base with just about anything, including browns, beiges, bronzes, coppers.

Here is Layin' Low in comparison with paint pots in similar colors. It is lighter than Quite Natural, Constructivist and Groundwork, so this would be perfect as an all-over lid base.

Perky - Perky is a cream coral with white pearl (satin finish). This is my least favorite paint pot in the Fafi lot, but a pretty one nonetheless. I should have swatched it next to Rubenesque because I feel they are similar, but not close enough that you can skip Perky if you have Rubenesque. Perky has a definite coral shade to it that would look great under eyeshadows like Paradisco, Honesty, and Melon and Goldenaire pigments. Even though I love these eyeshadow colors, I don't know why I am not that attracted to Perky. Maybe I should try those colors over it, because they sound so pretty that I might change my mind.

Cash Flow - this is my ultimate favorite of the bunch. Love, love, love its green gold with gold pearl hue. It's a frost finish but I really don't care, I'd love to layer it over my Beige-ing shadestick and under my gold, green, specifically forest and smokey greens; I'd bet this would look absolutely beautiful. I also can see it go with blues, bronzes and teals. As I said, this to me is like the paint pot version of Uppity fluidline, with more green in it. Here is Cash Flow swatched with other paint pots:

I thought this would be similar to Indianwood but the latter turned out to be much darker. Cash Flow is just soft, sheer and oh so pretty.

All in all, I think MAC has tremendously improved the formulas of paint pots over the past months. The newer releases have more cream/satin formulas that give better staying power. The shimmery ones can also give decent life to your shadows, but I always layer them over my Beige-ing shadestick. Nonetheless, the shimmery ones are just gorgeous and give beautiful pops of color to your eye makeup. I can't wait to include these paint pots in my upcoming eye looks.


kate615 said...

This is so helpful!!! Thank you!

quickfYx said...

thank you so much for making this review sis!! thanks for the swatches too... when kaya dadating dito yang Fafi?!! hay! can't wait na! =) , sadness pa din sa shadestick, PRO na talaga siya, wala na akong makita dito.. ='c -yda84

shades of hue said...

kate614- my pleasure!

quickfyx- you're welcome sis! Hope Fafi arrives there pretty soon!

mandilicious said...

i agree with the paint pots..the new ones seem to be creamier than the old ones..i'm in love.

piratecaptain said...

Thank you for so dilligently providing so many swatches of so many products. You are always my go to for visual information before I run out and buy everything from every MAC collection. I honestly don't know what I would do without your blog!
Thanks a million :)