Valerie Beauty Minerals: Blushes and Eyeshadows

Valerie Beauty has an ongoing liquidation sale, and since I've had a few of Val's minerals, I know how uber-pigmented and smooth these are. I got a handful of her minerals on sale (and they were full-size jars), and I am very happy with my selection. The colors are beautiful, the blushes go on buttery smooth and rich. I got Coquette, a soft raspberry-pink blush that is perfect for a just-took-a-walk-in-cold-weather kind of pink. I also got a full-size jar of Val's popular Smokin' Mocha blush. She sent me a sample of this and I was blown away with how rich, smooth and beautiful it was when applied. Mauves look great on my skintone, and Smokin' Mocha is no exception. Not in the swatch picture is Plum Wine Matte, a rich matte blush that is perfect to go with my illuminizers and skinfinishes. I already have full sizes of Valerie's bestsellers, her illuminators in Satin Sun and Centerfold, but I might have to stock up on these soon because the prices are just too good a deal to pass up.

I also got Valerie's Miranda, one of the absolute best minerals I've ever owned. I have a full-size of this and I had to get another one for a backup because I use this often. This looks beautiful as a wash or foiled on the lid, and is described on the site as a coppery pinky-flesh. To me it looks similar to MAC's Goldenaire pigment, but less pink and more champagne-y, although the pink is still very noticeable. When I got my new Miranda, however, it looked a lot less champagne-ish gold, and a little more pink. I don't know which one I like better, so I included both swatches in the photo.

I also got a new mineral called Gratitude, and this one is a shimmery pale pink that would also look great as a wash. I finally laid my grubby hands on Gala, a beautiful dark pigment that would look great as a crease color or liner. It reminds me of MAC's Blue Brown pigment but without the blue overload.

All in all, Valerie Beauty has some of the best mineral selections available because of the very pigmented products and ultra-smooth application. They are not just mini mica bombs that emit all sparkle but very little color; they are truly rich in hues and I love the fact that these go on very smoothly. They foil really great, too. If you want to check out great minerals with rich colors and amazing staying power, check out Val's minerals, and with the liquidation, they're greatly priced as well. Val's customer service is top-notch as well (I e-mailed her about my shipment because it took a while for it to arrive although it was already shipped out over a week before; she answered promptly and quickly assuaged my fears). High quality products and amazing customer service, what more could a makeup junkie ask for?

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I'm just launching my line in a month, so it's not available yet. Let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for samples.