Silk Naturals Mineral Lipsticks and Glosses

Here are some lipstick and gloss swatches from Silk Naturals; I like a lot of products from this company, and the lip products are no exception. I love the fact that their lipsticks are organic but highly pigmented and don't dry out my lips. The best part is that for $6.45 a pop for lipsticks and $3.92 for glosses, how can you go wrong? My favorites are Birthday Suit gloss (I believe this is their bestseller) and Bliss lipstick. Both really brighten up my face and are My Lips But Better shades. Birthday Suit is my tinted lip balm, I can apply it without using a mirror (much like chapstick), and yet infuses a pretty, healthy dose of color on my lips (perfect for those after-meal touch-ups). Birthday Suit would also look great under lipsticks, especially the matte ones. Rapture is also a pretty color, as is Regal, and Decadent is a perfect dark shade for nights-out and if you simply want your lips to stand out. I also like the subtle sweet scent (and taste), especially of the glosses. Best of all, these contain only organic, all-natural ingredients.


momofchloe said...

Could you kindly list down your HG/s with regards to foundie, primer, finpow, blush, e/s from top fave/hg to least. Thx. I'm still seeking for which is the best MMU brand to try as a first timer. For me, the major qualification is that it's good for sensitive skin (no itches, rashes, breakouts). I've read the forums (lets talk MMU link, etc. where I got to read your posts. But still confused which brand will have the least neg. reaction. It seems almost all the brands have 1 or 2 or more people who experienced neg. reactions so suddenly I'm at a loss. Sorry, this is too long as a post. Thx a lot!

Shades Of U said...

Mom of Chloe: have you checked out my Comprehensive review of mineral foundations I've tried? It's under my Labels (tags), "Mineral Makeup Comprehensive Review of Brands". There is an explanation as to why I can't pick a holy grail foundation. I will try to make a review on blushes and mineral shadows I've tried. Thanks!

Anisa Putri said...

I often lookup to your blog everytime I need guidance in buying products. I have been considering Silk Natural lip products because of its natural ingredients but it's pretty hard to settle on 1 because everything is so tempting! However I don't feel like piling another makeup because I don't use really use various colors on my face each day.

I recently (finally!) found my HG lipcolor in Guerlain Kiss Kiss Laque in Sensual Nude. It's the perfect nude because it doesn't make me look washed out but gives the most gorgeous peachy pink sheen and it brightens my face instantly. The problem is it's just too glossy for me for everyday use. Thus I've been searching for the lipstick version. Do you think you have any suggestion on what should I get from Silk Natural that is really comparable to Guerlain Kiss Sensual Nude?

Sorry of it's too long!
Thank you!