My Lumiere Pre-Buy Brushes Are Here!

UPDATED 4/08/09: For updates on my 2009 Lumiere Pre-Buy Haul and pics, CLICK HERE.

I can just imagine hundreds of ecstatic ladies frantically opening their Lumiere packages to reveal the beautiful, uber-soft synthetic brushes that took a few months to get to where they are. I can also imagine the many Lumiere product addicts blogging about their brush hauls right at this very minute (like me)! The wait is worth it, I believe. If you don't know the concept of Lumiere's pre-buy promotions, I've made an entry about such; I've explained the process and rules briefly.

It was just funny because as soon as I saw this Lumiere package in the mail, I thought out loud, "Lumiere? I didn't order anything from Lumiere." I even thought they might have sent me some samples for me to review on my blog. Ha! I didn't realize that those were the pre-buy brushes I ordered until I ripped the package open to reveal its contents. I ordered so long ago that I completely forgot about the brushes! I knew that the brushes have arrived from the manufacturer, but I didn't know shipping would be THAT fast from the time they arrived (which was just late last week)! I didn't even order very early on in the promo period, so I was just pleasantly surprised to receive them this "early".

I didn't bother getting the set nor the eye brushes anymore because I just have way too many eye brushes, and in my humble opinion, washing so many of these takes away the fun in brushes.

Anyways, I LOVE everything! I love my super duper soft synthetic flat top, long-handled kabukis (which I prefer to the short-handled ones because of their denser head), and the beautiful ANGLED duo-fibre brushes. I tried it tonight and I love the result. Think MAC 187 but with a more precise application because of the angled slant, so it just doesn't apply product via the shot-gun method (i.e., all over the place), but application is just precisely where you want it to be. The short and long hairs also allow the application to go on smoothly, sheerly, in order to deposit just a whisper of color to produce a glow-from-within effect. Goodbye clown cheeks! I'm so glad I got two of these, I will enjoy applying my mineral and non-mineral blushes, bronzers and skinfinishes with these awesome products.

I am so happy and satisfied with these pre-buy vegan brushes. I can't wait to use these because these are just heaven on the skin and makeup is always such a joy to apply with high quality, high-performance tools.


Elspeth said...

wow! those look so pretty? are they going to sell those on a regular basis or just for the pre-buy?

Grayburn said...

These look like they have such dense bristles, so gorgeous! Would you say they are better than the ones at MAC? How do the bristles wash?

Thanks for a great post!
Grayburn @ Blogspot

shades of hue said...

elspeth, I hope Lumiere sells them on the site soon. I think they're going to fill in the pre-buy orders and sell the rest of what's left.

grayburn: they're just the same as MAC's face brushes, although I prefer these to the 282 because mine sheds. These Lumiere brushes do not shed AT ALL. And I love my 187 but I love my new angled duo fibres a lot as well; they have different uses and they're both very well made.

Stephy said...

do u think we can use these brushes on non-mineral make-up?

Grayburn said...

Hey Shades of hue,

Thanks for your reply. I'm more convinced to look into getting them now.

take care and talk again soon!
Grayburn @ blogspot

shades of hue said...

stephy- yes definitely. I use those for blushers (non-MMU), skinfinishes, MAC beauty powders and what-not.

grayburn- you're welcome!

Sandy said...

have you tried faceshop brushes? it's a krn brand. they got pretty good brushes. i bought 3 of theirs. i used mac brush set. i didn't like it. it left me with scars =/ it cut my face. sydney is too overpriced with makeup. can't afford to buy good brushes =(

shades of hue said...

Sandy- I haven't tried Faceshop yet but I heard it has good false lash sets? Anyways, Lumiere have really cheap ones too, as well as and They have awesome deals (and the prices are quite low, check them out). Their brushes are also very soft and apply makeup flawlessly.