MAC New Collection Lipstick Swatches

I've been tinkering with my newer MAC collections and I realized I haven't swatched most of my lipsticks on the lips. I have swatched them on skin but the perspective is different when it the color is applied directly on the lips. Here are some of the lipsticks of MAC's newer collections.

If you were to ask me what my favorites are, I'd say Mellow Flame, Sparks Can Fly, Barely Lit, Masque and Ultra Madame. Oh, and how could I forget Antiquitease! You can glean from my enumeration that I like most of the lipsticks from the Smoke Signals collection, especially Mellow Flame and Sparks Can Fly. I feel that these two shades really go well with my skintone. I love Masque from the McQueen collection because I love the staying power and opacity of the satin formula, and I'm also partial to the dirty rose shade. I am not that attracted to the darker shades, although admittedly, these are the best shades to herald the upcoming holiday season. I still have several of the newer lipsticks to swatch, so watch out for those.

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