MAC Curiositease: 5 Pigments and Glitter Swatches and Review

Since I am undeniably a pigment fiend, I am absolutely crazy about this year's pigment sets. For those unfamiliar with these, MAC releases almost every holiday season both a warm and a cool pigment/glitter set. Now I really don't care for glitter, but I just love the pigments. The color pay-off is amazing, and when used foiled, the hues just pop right out. Since I am warm-toned, I thought I would just love the warm pigment set, but the cool one is so pretty as well.

Curiositease: 5 Warm Pigment and Glitter Set

Copper Sparkle: an absolutely dazzling copper pigment that is a bit gritty in texture. If you like copper and you like sparkle, this is for you. Personally not my favorite of the lot, but it would look cool as a liner or even just a tad on the crease or outer V for a bronzey coppery look.

Reflects Gold: to my eye, it is glitter with a ton of gold and a bit of blue infused in it. I doubt I would be using this except for Halloween, maybe? I never really liked glitter and never will.

Lily White is a beautiful, shimmery champagne with pink undertones that looks great as a wash or as a highlighter. I remember it was released early last year with Apricot Pink and Pinked Mauve pigments from the Sweetie Cake collection, although is it just me or is the new release of Lily White more pinkish than champagne-ish? Anyways, I love it either way.

Sunpepper - similar to Blue Brown pigment but has less blue in it but still quite similar. This would look good with a smokey eye or as a liner. One of my faves in the set.

Dazzleray - a wonderful peachy pink/champagne pigment that would look great as a wash. This would look good with golds, bronzes, browns and any warm-toned color.

Curiositease: 5 Cool Pigment/Glitter Set

Helium - same texture as Kitschmas pigment; it is light lilac in color, I think this also has blue undertones. This batch is a bit better in texture than the sample I got a few weeks ago, as this foiled pretty good. This would look great as a highlighter and as a wash for purple, pink and blue looks.

Reflects Blue - very cool-toned glitter; this would look good for holiday makeup, but other than that, I can't think of any use for this that would look good on me.

Softwash Grey - I love silvers and greys and Softwash Grey is no exception. This would make a great ingredient for a smokey grey look, and I absolutely love the texture (please don't mind the swatch; it was swatched too thick and it was foiled, hence the gunky appearance).

Naval Blue - a pretty dark blue that would look great as a liner and for those dramatic smokey blue looks. I can't wait to try this one out.

Forest Green - my favorite of the bunch!! I just love the dark hunter green hue, very similar to Club eyeshadow, and yet it won't hurt to get one of each because their textures are different. I used this with Sharkskin shadestick underneath (black base) for a dark green smokey look and I was blown away with the results. If you are partial to dark green smoky eyes, this is for you.


mary said...

hey there!! wow I love the swatches...of the pigments..i want them did you get them soo early? i wished i had them already...

shades of hue said...

Thanks Mary! It was a nice early Christmas present, but you will soon have them in your hands as well.