In Focus: Aromaleigh Lipsticks and Glosses

Last week, I posted a look where I had used Aromaleigh lipstick in Sheen. One of my readers then requested for Aromaleigh lip products' swatches. I try to grant my readers' requests whenever I have the ability to do so, and tonight being a pretty laid-back evening for me, I decided to make some Aromaleigh lipstick and gloss swatches. It glides easily on the lips, finish is polished matte. The matte formula doesn't make my lips chap, either. I'd say it's not totally matte, sort of semi-matte, and the staying power is pretty good. The downside: I get a sort of tingling sensation on my lips when I wear these, especially when topped with glosses. I don't know, is there an ingredient in it that I am not aware of? I thought I was only imagining it, until I read reviews on Makeup Alley that say the same thing. I really do not like stinging lip products (like those lip venom smackers), but Aromaleigh's tingle is not too strong to warrant a vehement reaction from me. It doesn't make my lips tingle all the time, though; it just comes out in spurts.

ERRATUM: Upper left-most swatch should be Cameo, not Cognac.

The swatches reveal how nicely pigmented these lippies are. My favorites are - and take note - everything except Honey and Nougat. I don't like the yucky orange stain these leave on my lips. If you notice, these two are slightly red-orange in color, and orange looks horrendous on my skin tone, so I'll stay away from those next time. The rest of the lippies are just beautiful. I am almost done with Cameo and Brandy, and currently loving Marron, Sheen and Cognac. The latter is the perfect nude lipstick for me, it's perfect for my pigmented lips. Sheen is J.Lo-esque as stated on the website, and is perfect for those smoky eyes. Marron is beautiful if you want deep, dramatic lips, and I use this for touch-ups when I am at work. Cameo is a pretty pink-based lipstick, a bit on the cool side but I was surprised that this applied prettily on my warm-toned skin. All in all, Aromaleigh lipsticks are gorgeous and can rival any big cosmetics company lippies in terms of pigmentation, staying power and texture.

The lip glosses have the addicting chocolate-citrus scent of the lipsticks, and these have gorgeous, luscious, wet-shine colors. The downsides for me are the click-pen packaging and the staying power. The click-pens hold a small amount of product that gets wasted because the tip spurts out product in blobs. The staying power is so-so, but I am more forgiving because this is in liquid form, and I rarely see glosses with unbelievable staying power anyway. This would last long though if it is layered over Aromaleigh lipsticks. The combination of the two is just gorgeous.

My favorites are the three neutral glosses on the top row, and Dare (love the lilac color!). I like Yum the least for the same reason as Honey and Nougat lipsticks - Yum creates the dreaded orange lips effect.

I know the next question is: would I buy these again? The answer is yes. The awesome colors, great color pay-off and the wonderful scent are enough reasons for me to covet these babies. Aromaleigh also has a revolving sale (different clearances every week), so it's nice to wait for sales of these. You also get free samples of their other products with your order, and that's a neat extra as well.


etirv said...

I use some Aromaleigh products and brushes but haven't tried their lip products. Thanks for your review. I'm going to check out their lip products next time I place my Aromaleigh orders.

shades of hue said...

You're welcome! Aromaleigh lipsticks are really pigmented and staying power is pretty good. If you like semi-matte lipsticks, these are for you.