On CARGO blushes

Even before I got really into mineral makeup, I was in love with CARGO blushes. I loved the utilitarian tins and how they looked so pretty when lined up. The tins were not very travel-friendly, I admit, but they really appeal to me visually. I also love the wide surface which enables the user to evenly distribute the product on the blush brush, resulting in a smooth and balanced application. I was also impressed with the great staying power and flawless finish of the blush pigment. I would trek to Sephora just to test these, and I would score those pretty tins that I love lining up on my dresser. I had to part with some of them though as I realized that I would never finish them all. I still have four of my original ten blushes, and for me those are the real keepers. If you check out makeupalley.com, Cargo's products, especially the blushes, have consistently earned high marks from consumers. I have not tried the beach blushes yet but I have heard they are quite beautiful, as well. For months I had forgotten to use my blushes, but now I am re-discovering just how beautiful they are. I wear them either alone or under my MAC MSFs, and either way, they are gorgeous. CARGO is one of those amazing products you can find at your neighborhood Sephora, and if you are a blush girl, you can be sure plunking down your hard-earned cash for this is well worth it.

top L-R: Tonga, Topeka, Catalina, Gotham
bottom L-R: Mendocino, Louisiana, Polynesia, The Big Easy (this row has all my faves)


Ladybug said...

I LOVE CARGO blushes! And the Beach Blush is great - I have Coral Beach and it's the perfect blush/bronzer combination.

shades of hue said...

Love CARGO blushes too, I have heard so many things about the beach blush, I just have to try it!

FANZCY said...

I as well are a big fan of CARGO blushes its soo soft and full of texture...definitely my fave blushes!!! just googling cargo and came across your site.. =D lovely blog btw hun!