MAC's Flashtronic Collection and MSF Porn

So I finally laid my grubby hands on the beautiful mineralized skinfinishes (MSFs) of MAC's Flashtronic collection. The colors are absolutely breathtaking in person as the beautiful swirls in the skinfinishes hypnotize me. I don't know why these shimmering orbs fascinate me so. All I know is that these are coveted by every hardcore MAC addict; and since these are always limited edition, some really rare ones fetch insane prices on Ebay and some MAC online communities. The marriage of colors in each compact is mesmerizing, and I cannot wait to play with these babies. Some people may wonder what these actually do. They act as highlighter, blush, contour color, the darker ones can be used as eye crease color, and are very versatile; they can be used in a myriad of ways. For more information on MSFs, read my previous entry on them.

I told myself that I wouldn't be getting the mineralized eyeshadows because my past experience with these was a little less than satisfactory. The past mineralized shadows were gritty, chalky, and quite hard to apply on the lids. When I saw the new mineralized shadows and tested them on the back of my hand at the counter, I was floored by the buttery slip and rich, vivid colors. It glided easily on my skin and was breathtakingly pretty, the play of different colors in each pot was simply eye candy, and the chalkiness was gone. I guess MAC heard complaints about previous mineralized shadows and improved the quality. I love the marriage of colors and the intertwining of sheerness and shimmer. I even read on the MAC website that these shadows are versatile enough to be used on any part of the face and body. How delish can that be?

I also caught a glimpse of the amazing pigments (no less than 8 different kinds!) from the new Rushmetal collection. These are some of the best colors I've ever seen in MAC pigments and in eyeshadows in general. I bought 1/4 tsp samples from a girl on the MAC online community, and I can't wait to play!

My Flashtronic haul

Global Glow MSF

Northern Light MSF

Gold Spill MSF

mineralized shadows

Quarry (looks like a miniature globe!)


And now, as previously stated, here's some MSF porn:


MsButterfli said...

omg that MSF porn is HOT!!!! gettin up there, bout to get me backups of global glow cuz i see me using this one daily lol

shades of hue said...

Aren't they addicting? =D I suggest get backups now before the sharks on Ebay jack up the prices when they're all gone from the stores.

Crissy said...

Aileen, I've seen some of the Rushmetal & Flastronic collection thru a MAC makeup artist who was the instructor during a workshop I attended yesterday. Now I understand why you love MSFs. :D

shades of hue said...

Crissy, I knew you'd like them as much as I'd do. They're mesmerizing to say the least. ;-)