My Fabulous Fyrinnae Fix

I just got several samples of some Fyrinnae pigments, and boy, was I rendered speechless! The pigments have such intense pigment, some even slightly stained as I was trying to take them off by water and soap! The texture is exceptional, staying power is fantastic (heck, I had to scrub my arm before it all came off!), and the colors were all unique and amazingly beautiful. These are everything I'd hoped MAC pigments would be and so much more. I am going to order more and I'm really a fan for life now. I am also amazed at how generous the samples are. They are at least 1/2 tsp for a mere $1.50 ($1.75 for their Professional Colors that are SO freakin' gorgeous). They don't come in annoying baggies but in 5g screw top containers (I chose this option because I need the lids to mix the mixing medium in should I prefer to use them wet). Here are some swatches; most of them have been applied wet except Macabre, which really elicited a loud "Wow!" from me after I applied it on my wrist. It was like a better version of MAC Goldenaire pigment (and more pigmented, as well). The darker colors can also be used as beautiful liners, such as Lousy Tip. Nice names, huh?

From top to bottom: Macabre (professional color), Sake and Sashimi, Kung Pao, Peach Buns, Lousy Tip

Top to Bottom: Solstice, Awakening, Apparition, Kimchi, Shrouded in Gold (professional color)


caroline said...

Wow! Macabre is great! Those colors are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them!

Paige said...

Thank you so much for posting swatches and sharing your thoughts about this brand! I really appreciate it since I've been shopping around to add to my loose eyeshadow collection. Hope all is well! :)

Caramelx said...

Oooh they're gorgeous! Where can you buy this brand from?