Nicole by OPI Tink Collection Swatches, Review

Nicole by OPI Tink Collection: Sweet on Pete, Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary,  Half-Charming/Half-Alarming, Tink's in the Pink

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I was able to try a few of the nail lacquers from Nicole by OPI's Tink collection. Tink is a NEW Limited Edition lacquer collection, inspired by Disney’s Tinker Bell.  This collection has actually six nail lacquers: five color ones and one glitter topcoat.  They are:

Pixie Glitter
This clear gloss is sprinkled with tiny rainbows.

How Fairy Nice of You!
This sweet pixie pink gives me wings.

Tink’s in the Pink
This happy fuchsia makes me, well...happy!

Sweet on Pete
This lime green is the "key" to Pete's heart!

Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
Not, it's NOT's tangerine. So there!

Half Charming / Half Alarming
This coral is perfect when you're feeling unpredictable.

I don't have Pixie Glitter which is the rainbow-effect glitter topcoat, and I also don't have How Fairy Nice of You!.  I do have the rest, and they are vibrant splashes of tangerine, lime green, pink creme and a bright coral.

Nicole by OPI Sweet on Pete

Nicole by OPI Sweet on Pete is my absolute favorite among these nail lacquers from the Tink collection.  It's a beautiful lime green creme that really applies well on the nails and is fully opaque in two coats.  It applied evenly and finish was flawless.

Nicole by OPI Sweet on Pete with rainbow glitter

I don't have the Pixie Glitter which is described as a rainbow-effect glitter, so I applied a similar one from a different brand.  The glitter reflects beautifully against the bright-colored background.

Nicole by OPI Tink's in the Pink

Nicole by OPI's Tink's in the Pink is a mid-tone pink creme.  It's pretty opaque in two coats.  It's very feminine, although not too unique in my collection.

Nicole by OPI Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary

Nicole by OPI Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary is a nice tangerine orange.  However, I feel that the shade of orange is not all that flattering on me?  It is a very pretty orange creme, though.

 Nicole by OPI  Half-Charming/Half-Alarming

 Nicole by OPI  Half-Charming/Half-Alarming is my favorite after Sweet on Pete.  It's a fiery bright coral.  It truly screams summer, and I love how bright and festive in looks on the nails.

All in all, I am liking the shades of this small collection from Nicole by OPI, although I have to admit they are not very unique shades, especially when compared to the many bright cremes that I own.  Nonetheless, if you are looking for really bright, summery colors for your tips and toes, check out this limited edition Tink collection.  The colors truly pay tribute to the dazzling pixie colors of Tinker Bell.

(Media sample was provided for consideration.  All opinions are mine.)

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