MAC Brunette Blonde Redhead Haul Part II and Updated Swatches

Okay, I LOVE this collection so much that I just had to make a second trip to the MAC store to get the rest of my lemmings in this collection. I have never been enamored to as many lipglasses in one collection before. I'm telling you, they are all SO gorgeous. I now have every lipglass in this collection except Red Devil which I feel wouldn't suit my complexion. I got the rest of the lipglasses this afternoon and here are the pretty babies. I brought twelve empties so I got two lipglasses for free:

I thought I wouldn't like them this much, but the more I look at swatches online, the more I feel that these lipglasses are some of the best I've seen in a while. I agree wholeheartedly with the people who say that this collection will be remembered not so much because of the eyeshadows but mostly because of the lipsticks and lipglosses. They are truly beautiful.

Here is an updated swatch photo. I told you guys the colors are going to be so MUCH more beautiful under natural light! I swatched Naked Frost as well so it can be seen with Soft Wave. They look similar but Soft Wave has peachier tones, so I got the latter instead because I already have Taupe Notch which is kinda similar to Naked Frost.

Also, I have been shopping my stash and I have fallen deeply in love with a lipglass that I've had for two years. It's from the Lure collection but I'd never noticed how beautiful it was before until I tried it again a few days ago. It's called Sex Ray and it's absolutely a beautiful, sheer berry stain high gloss that is so pretty on the lips. It has glitter which some people hate, but I like it and it doesn't really look too obvious on my lips. I like that it may look scary in the tube but it goes really sheer and just soft on the lips. I loved it so much that I've been looking all around Ebay for a back up just in case I get to finish my one and only tube because it's limited edition. When I saw Quick Tease, though, I felt that I had found an almost-dupe, although without the glitters. Quick Tease is not as sheer as Sex Ray as I'd hoped, but it's the same berry stain that I love. It's definitely not dark on the lips and just brings forth a healthy dose of color on the puckers.

They are indeed similar, but not identical

I also got 100 Strokes as I don't have a dark reddish black color that has these many complex shades.

And here are some swatches of the shadows that I re-took:

These shadows are not really that "light". Direct sunlight washed out most of the vibrancy of the shadows.


Phyrra said...

Very pretty!
I almost got 100 Strokes, but it just seemed so chalky to me.
I do love Quick Tease and Flip.
I still keep thinking about going back to grab Strawberry Blonde.

The Shades Of U said...

Phyrra- it's not chalky to me at all, it's a super gorgeous crease/smoky eye color! Love, love it! But French Cuff WAS the chalky one because it is lustre and I hate lustres.

Phyrra said...

Maybe the tester was bad at the store I was at, but the MA was complaining about its texture too. Of course, Flip was awesome! It's a dream to play with. I loved the color of 100 Strokes but hated the texture. I've not had problems with a lot of the lustres, but I've only had Idol Eyes, Pink Venus, Swimming, Greensmoke and Filament that I can think of. The only MAC colors that I've had a lot of trouble with are Sushi Flower and Satellite Dreams.