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Friday, February 13, 2009

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation and Concealer Review, Plus a Hello Kitty Look

NOTE: For product information and official promo images, click HERE.

Studio Sculpt Foundation

I admit, I was really iffy about doing a review on the Studio Sculpt foundation because a lot of you know that I only use mineral foundation. The first thing that touches my skin has got to be the purest mineral makeup there is, or else my skin would really act up, and hello zit farm! To expound on how insanely sensitive my skin is, I once went to the MAC counter for a makeover, and the MA used Hyperreal foundation on my mineral-spoiled skin. I grew two zits in a span of only three hours from the time Hyperreal was applied on my skin! I promised myself that I would never ever touch liquid foundation again, and I admit, up to this day, my skin just loves mineral makeup. It is its salvation, and my skin doesn't just thrive with mineral makeup, it blooms and heals because of it. However, I was really curious about Studio Sculpt because I read that this is MAC's answer to all the High Definition makeup inundating the beauty market right now. Add to the fact that I've read a slew of rave reviews about the Studio Sculpt, that really made me take the plunge and - gasp! - try goopy, gunky liquid makeup again.

Nonetheless, I still wasn't convinced that I could risk having another zit farm on my face because of one review, so I made a very small precaution that I think made a huge difference: to create the "mineral barrier" my skin needs and demands, I buffed in a very very small amount of LaurEss mineral foundation in Pure Yellow before I applied Studio Sculpt. I would say that in the future, I will always take the extra step of applying a very light layer of mineral foundation before applying liquid makeup, just to create the mineral "force field" that would shield my skin from ingredients in liquid makeup that cause adverse reactions.

I believe this extra step worked, because I've been using Studio Sculpt for two straight days now, and I have yet to see one small zit (remember my skin reacts to liquid foundations in as fast as three hours). I am amazed! If only for the fact that it doesn't break me out, Studio Sculpt foundation should earn two thumbs up!

Now to the nitty gritty. I have tried other liquid foundations in the past, and unlike Studio Fix Fluid or Hyperreal or even the Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation, the Studio Sculpt comes in gel form. It is not the gel that we actually visualize in our heads when we read that word, but it is gel in the sense that it has a thicker, creamier consistency. I am an NC30 in MAC, but this time I used NC25 because NC30 looked too dark on my skin. I also read that the shades of Studio Sculpt run dark. I applied it on my skin using the MAC 109 brush in fast buffing strokes because this formula dries up real fast. I set it using the Cargo Blu-Ray High Definition pressed powder.

The verdict?

UPSIDE: I love the finish. It is very creamy, and flawless, flawless, flawless. It makes my pores look smaller, and just gives an overall creamy look. It is not too matte, but not shiny either. The gel formula makes it easy to conceal dark spots and prevents it from being streaky. Wow, I can't believe I would be able to say that about a liquid foundation! I like the light feeling, or at least the feeling that I am not wearing liquid makeup at all. Usually when I wear liquid foundation, I really feel the weight on my skin, and it would most often itch. The Studio Sculpt doesn't do that. I have MakeUp Forever's HD foundation and I prefer Studio Sculpt over the MUFE - the finish just looks better on me. BEST of all, the Studio Sculpt didn't break me out!

DOWNSIDE: It is still not mineral makeup, so this is not something I would wear everyday. This would be great though for nights out, for special occasions, or on those days when I just want to wear it.

Studio Sculpt Concealer:

The concealer comes in paint pot pots and, like the foundations, the shades run darker than the usual concealers. That said, I used NC20 in Studio Sculpt.

UPSIDE: Can you say holy grail concealer? Oh my, I thought nothing could rival my Urban Decay 24/7 pencil concealer in creaminess, ease in application and concealing power, but it just got toppled from the top spot by the Studio Sculpt concealer. This baby si SO creamy, so easy to blend, but very opaque and would really hide stubborn dark undereye circles! It doesn't settle into fine lines because I blend the product well with my finger. I can't believe how it can effectively conceal and yet still look natural on the skin. I also apply mineral concealer on top of it and it wouldn't cake at all. Miracle product! MAC's Studio Finish concealer doesn't even come close to how creamy and easily blendable Studio Sculpt is. Studio Finish is thick but is quite hard to blend, especially on the undereye area. I totally would recommend Studio Sculpt over Studio Finish.

: None that I can think of, at least for now.

Overall, I was really very surprised with these two products. They are really of top notch quality. I have combination skin with a very oily t-zone, and yet it tolerated and even liked Studio Sculpt foundation. The concealer is one of the best I've tried. If you need to get just one product, I highly recommend the concealer. It works great on the undereye area and covers imperfections really well.

Finally, here's a look using the Studio Sculpt duo, the Hello Kitty Lucky Tom palette, Hello Kitty Fun & Games beauty powder blush, and other MAC products.

(All products MAC unless otherwise noted)

Beige-ing shadestick all over lid, brows and to line lower lashline
Perky paint pot on lid
Paradisco eyeshadow packed on lid using the 252 brush, to line inner lower lashline using Sonia Kashuk mini contour brush
Firespot eyeshadow on the crease using the 217 brush
Mulch eyeshadow on outer V using the 217 brush
Lucky Tom eyeshadow to contour crease using Sonia Kashuk blender brush, to line outer lower lashline using Sonia Kashuk mini contour brush
Creme Royal to highlight browbone using the 227 brush, on tearducts using Sonia Kashuk mini contour brush
Coastal Scents gel liner in Truffle
Victoria's Secret kohl pencil liner in Black Velvet to tightline and on waterline

Monistat gel as primer
LaurEss mineral foundation in Pure Yellow (very light layer)
Studio Sculpt foundation in NC25
Studio Sculpt concealer in NC20
Dayna's Rested mineral undereye concealer
CARGO Blu-Ray high definition powder
Fun and Games Beauty Powder blush using the 136 brush
Refined Golden bronzer to contour using the 138 brush

Creamola cremestick liner
Ravishing cremesheen lipstick
Live & Dye lipglass

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MAC Well-Defined

What makes the topography of an interesting face so compelling?
The shapes, forms and planes are often made, not born. The secrets of sculpting features, creating volumes where they were once lacking, defining areas that didn’t seem so important, all but hold the power of transformation in your hands! Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation and Studio Sculpt Concealer put infinite possibility at your fingertips! 191 Square Foundation Brush is state-of-the-art application for foundation, 195 concealer brush finishes with ultimate precision. Among the finest tools we have.

Well-Defined brings to life over two years of work backstage in the lab to perfect our newest foundation and concealer. Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation is a rich, luxurious Cream Foundation in tube. This lush uniquely textured foundation delivers ultimate hydration while instantly revitalizing dull and dry skin. Smooth and even application yields a medium buildable coverage with a natural-satin finish. It’s paired with Studio Sculpt Concealer, which provides full-coverage that never becomes dry and cakey with a gel-based cream formula slips onto skin, effortlessly hiding imperfections.

Studio Sculpt Foundation

Studio Sculpt Concealer


Once again, M·A·C has shattered expectations for foundation performance with its debut of Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation. The gel-based cream formula is the final result of an extensive collaboration between M·A·C’s Product Development experts and PRO team of makeup artists. Backstage at fashion week provides the perfect testing ground for M·A·C’s new products and our artists, working tirelessly at countless fashion shows, were eager for a foolproof makeup they could apply quickly and easily. Studio Sculpt is the answer to their prayers. It glides on smoothly and blends effortlessly for a flawless satiny finish—even when additional layers are needed for extra coverage. The water-resistant blend leaves complexions perfectly even-toned and hydrated, while providing all-important broad-spectrum sun protection.

The easy squeeze tube eliminates waste; just dole out the amount needed for each application. Every drop contains uniquely formulated micronized silicone-coated pigments that keep color true, so it appears to sink into the skin without ever becoming mask-like or cakey. A cushiony gel base helps color slip onto skin for a medium-coverage silky finish. The smooth formula offers ample blending time for near mistake-proof application yet adheres flawlessly and stays in place for hours of beautiful wear.

With an ingredient list that reads like a sophisticated skin care product, this makeup clearly aims to offer significantly more than temporary benefits. Sodium hyaluronate, yeast extract and shea butter, all proven moisturizers, add hydration to keep skin looking youthful and feeling healthy. Hyperlea Rhopdopensis Leaf Extract, Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract and Tamarind Seed Extract help to improve skin’s hydration with continued use. Antioxidant vitamins C and E help defend against free radical damage, and a mixture of titanium dioxide and octinoxate give SPF 15 protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Made for all skin types, this lush formulation is especially suited for dry, sensitive and mature complexions; with continued use, skin becomes increasingly hydrated and supple. Because of the extreme conditions a fashion models skin is exposed to during the 4-week marathon sprint across 4 countries and countless shows, Studio Sculpt was their salvation. This lush uniquely textured foundation delivers ultimate hydration while instantly revitalizing dull and dry skin.

To complete the flawless face created by Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation, M·A·C introduces Studio Sculpt Concealer. Inspired by the needs of M·A·C makeup artists, who demanded a full-coverage concealer that never becomes dry and cakey, the gel-based cream formula slips onto skin, effortlessly hiding imperfections. Its silicone coated pigments help retain color purity, for superb coverage that blends easily yet covers completely with just a small amount of product.
Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

Available in: NC15, NC20, NC25, NC30, NC35, NC37, NC40, NC42, NC44, NC45, NC50, NC55, NW15, NW20, NW25, NW30, NW35, NW40, NW43, NW45, NW47, NW50, NW55
Suggested Retail Price $28.00 U.S./$33.50 CDN

To apply: Using a sponge or foundation brush, apply an even layer wherever coverage is needed, then blend for the most flawless complexion imaginable.

Studio Sculpt Concealer
Available in: NC15, NC20, NC30, NC35, NC42, NC45, NC50, NW15, NW20, NW25, NW30, NW35, NW40, NW45, NW50
Suggested Retail Price $16.50 U.S./$19.50 CDN


Q: How does this formula perform differently from other foundations in the M·A·C line?
Studio Sculpt is incredibly versatile, which makes it unique for many reasons, since its texture is silky and creamy, gliding effortlessly onto skin while providing a natural, velvety finish that’s both modern and natural. It can be blended with moisturizer for a more sheer finish that’s never streaky, or combined with concealer for more full coverage. Create a matte finish by applying powder afterwards, or use Studio Sculpt alone to emphasize skin’s natural sheen and highlights.

Q: Why was this product key for you and your team during fashion week? Has Studio Sculpt been used in any photo shoots?
We have anxiously wanted to offer a foundation that leaves skin looking well-hydrated and completely nourished, and can stand up to being used in various ways. Studio Sculpt can be sheered out or used with powder; it always looks flawless, which is a backstage dream. It is the perfect formula for both film and digital photography, in black and white or color. It’s extremely user-friendly, and the finish remains true and consistent in both color and texture.

Q: Is Studio Sculpt appropriate for HD TV use?
It’s absolutely perfect for High Definition television, because the texture is flawless and it helps skin read as real looking, not overly made up. More importantly, Studio Sculpt’s coverage can be easily manipulated into something very sheer, or layered to offer more coverage where necessary, while remaining even-toned and consistent in texture.

Q: What are some application techniques for the non-professional user?
Begin with a pea size amount on the back of your hand, and use any foundation brush to apply onto hydrated skin. Mix in a bit of your favorite moisturizer (try Strobe Cream or Strobe Liquid), which will create a sheer, luminous finish that makes skin appear to be candlelit. Use any M.A.C concealer over areas that need additional coverage.

Q: In your experience, what skin benefits have been shown with continued use?
Skin becomes more plump and hydrated, it give a youthful look.

Q: How does a medium-coverage foundation like this work well with today's makeup trends?
What’s most important is versatility in creating perfect-looking skin. It needs to appear fresh, flawless, and polished, but the products used to achieve this effect should be indiscernible to the naked eye. A medium coverage like what’s offered by Studio Sculpt allows you to sheer down the formula with various creams and mixing mediums to create glowing skin, but can also be layered with concealer to create a more opaque finish.

Q: Some people can be wary of a product labeled medium-coverage, so who would you say is the ideal person for this foundation? What are their needs?
Studio Sculpt is ideal for anyone wanting to look flawless, but without seeming like they are wearing anything. In essence, this formula is for everyone. It can be easily sheered down to create a light veil of coverage, mixed with luminescent products to create glowing effects or layered to conceal any imperfections. Studio Sculpt will make your complexion look perfect, whether you’re dealing with dehydrated skin, unwanted oily areas, fine lines or discoloration.

Q: You always say we can judge how well something will sell based on how many products are stolen by models backstage, where does Studio Sculpt rate on this scale?
By far, this was the product we most had to keep track of backstage. Makeup artists and models alike fell in love with this formula, and didn’t want to wait for it to be launched to get their hands on it. Studio Sculpt was definitely the number-one product that fell victim to “sticky fingers.”

191 Foundation Brush A large, flat, squa re-shaped synthetic-fibre brush with a fine, firm edge for distribution and blend ing of liquid, emulsion or cream products on the face or body.
Suggested Retail Price $32.00 U.S./$38.50 CDN

195 Concealer Brush Flexible, synthetic flat brush with slight pointed tip for application and blending of all concealer formulas and other emollient products.
Suggested Retail Price $22.00 U.S./$26.50 CDN

Prep + Prime Skin
Suggested Retail Price $23.00 U.S./$27.50 CDN