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Friday, July 16, 2010

Neutral Eyes Using the 88 Matte Palette

I've been getting some messages saying that they wanted to create a neutral eye and thus would like to get a hold of Urban Decay Naked Palette right away. Since the Naked palette is sold out on both the Sephora and Urban Decay websites and won't be in stores until August, people are kinda bummed about the non-availability of the palette. Well, let me say that you can still create a nice neutral eye using other products or palettes. I particularly used the 88 Matte palette for this look. You can refer to the above photo for the particular shadows used.

Sonia Kashuk blender/crease brush shown above (leftmost).  This is my staple crease brush for most of my tutorials.

These are my stiff shader brushes (MAC 239 on the right-most, the rest are Loew Cornell Maxine's Mops).  These are the brushes I use to apply the main color on the lid.

Apply Urban Decay primer potion in Sin on lid and lower lashline. Using a fluffy shader brush, apply MAC Layin' Low paint pot on lid and blend with finger. Using a stiff shader brush, apply Shadow A (see first photo for reference) on lid in patting motions.

Like so.

Using the Sonia Kashuk blender brush, apply Shadow B on crease.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Neutrals Using Coastal Scents Original 88 Piece Palette

We've seen a lot of looks creating colorful, bold eye looks using the 88 palette, but I noticed that there is a bunch of great-looking neutrals in the same palette. I decided to create a look using the neutral colors in the 88 Original (matte) palette. You can refer to the photo below for the particular shadows used.

I also used Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita Rouge in Corset for this look.

Apply MAC Beige-ing shadestick all over lid, brows, and lower lashline. Smooth product on the lid with finger. Using a flat shader brush like the MAC 239 brush, apply Shadow A on the lid.

Using Sonia Kashuk blender brush, apply Shadow B on the crease.

Using the same brush, apply Shadow C on the crease and outer V, and blend using the MAC 224 brush.

Apply Shadow D on the outer V and crease using the Essence of Beauty smaller contour brush. Apply MAC Fascinating eye kohl on inner corners and using the Coastal Scents' mini-detail brush, apply Shadow E over Fascinating.

Apply Shadow E on browbone to highlight. Line the eyes using MAC Penultimate Liner in Rapidblack. Line waterline and tightline using Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero. Line innermost quarter of the lower lashline with Shadow E, and the rest of the lashline using Shadow D. Softly smudge the line. Apply Red Cherry falsies #66.

Monistat gel as primer
Earthen Glow mineral foundation in Yuan Yuan
MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NC20
Dayna's Rested mineral undereye concealer
DreamWorld whipped cream (finishing powder) in Angel (clay-silica formula)
Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita Rouge mineral blush in Corset
MAC Sculpt powder to contour

MAC tinted lip conditioner in Pink Fish
Rimmel 1000 Kisses lipliner in Spice
MAC slimshine lipstick in Ultra Elegant

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pinks and Purples Using Coastal Scents 88 Matte and Shimmer Palettes

I didn't realize how similar this look is to my previous look (Smokey Lilacs) until I saw the photos. The difference though is that I used pinks and violets for this look. This was my first time to use my 88 Shimmer Palette from Coastal Scents, and I can now safely say that I really prefer the Original/Matte palette over the Shimmer, as the former's colors are richer and classier, in my opinion. Please refer to the following 88 palette pictures for the tutorial below.

Apply MAC Soft Ochre paint pot all over lid and brows. Smooth with finger. With a fluffy shader brush, apply MAC Nice Vice paint pot on lid. Apply MAC Beige-ing shadestick on lower lashline to prevent smudging of shadows. Using Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop 3/8" brush (or MAC 239), apply Shadow A from the Shimmer palette on the inner 2/3 of the lid.

Using a fluffy shader brush (I used Studio Tools from Target), apply Shadow B from Original palette on middle of lid. Using the same brush, apply Shadow C from Original palette on outer lid.

Using MAC 224 brush, blend the colors together in quick, one direction strokes (sweep from inner color to outer color).

Add more Shadow C to deepen the color. Add Shadow D on the outer edges to soften the harsh lines using the 224 brush.

Apply MAC Blacktrack fluidline, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero to tightline and on waterline, Shadow A on inner half of lower lashline and Shadow C on outer half of lower lashline. Apply Red Cherry falsies #15. Highlight the browbone using MAC Yogurt shadow using the 227 brush.

Monistat gel as primer
Meow Flawless Feline mineral foundation in Naughty Abyssinian
MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NC20
Dayna's Rested mineral undereye concealer
DreamWorld whipped cocoon (silk finishing powder) in Whipped Strawberries
NARS blush in Oasis (NOTE: I made a mistake in my last look; I wrote "NARS Oasis" as my blush but it was actually Valerie Beauty mineral blush in Smokin' Mocha; I have corrected my product list.)

MAC tinted lip conditioner in Pink Fish
MAC In 3D lipliner in Plum Mate
MAC lipstick in Romancin'
MAC lipglass in Perky

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coastal Scents Original and Shimmer 88 Palettes and Gel Liners: A Review

Okay, am I too late to join the 88 palette bandwagon? Well I finally got both the Original (which features matte and satin shadows) and Shimmer palettes. Even before I came home tonight, I knew they were by my front door because I checked the FedEx tracking number. Needless to say, I was very excited to get home. We live in a safe neighborhood and I've never had any of my packages stolen at the front door, but tonight I was a little concerned. LOL! Anyways, I found them and quickly unraveled the packaging and bubblewrap (it was very meticulously wrapped, so thanks CS!). My shadow palettes were perfect, not a shadow broken. I got the Shimmer palette in the matte casing so I can distinguish it from my Original palette that has that shiny patent leather-esque case. I love the matte case as it looks very similar to my MAC 15-pan palettes, so chic and stylish.

Okay, first impressions. Very colorful, definitely eye candy. Just by looking at it, I'm liking the Original better than the Shimmer, although I can't wait to come up with looks combining shadows from both palettes. I feel the Original shadows are better pigmented, have better depth and just look more sophisticated compared to the Shimmer ones. The Shimmer however is a definitely fun palette, with lots of amazing colors and shades to choose from. Both have, surprisingly, very good shadow quality. I know, I am a MAC and mineral shadow 'ho, so to admit that these very affordable palettes are good is quite a statement. I believe MAC still has the edge in terms of quality, though, because some of the colors from the 88 palettes can be chalky. But then, for the price, you get 88 shadows with better than average color pay-off. What more could you ask for?

Now the downside. I know they are tiny (a little smaller than a dime), but I only realized how small the amount is when I used the shadows for my look below. The shadows when new have a slight dome to them, now I just about flattened the yellow shadow I used on my lid. Really. I can probably finish the shadow in maybe five applications, especially if the shadow is a lid color as I literally pack them on the lid to show up. The crease colors however would probably last a while as I only use a very tiny amount in each look.

The Shimmer palette

Below is a look using shadows from the Original (matte/satin) palette as I was immediately drawn to this particular one. Since many of you know I am partial to green shadows, I just had to create a green look. I used MAC Beige-ing shadestick as base. The colors I used are indicated in the picture below.

I used Lauress Minimalist mineral foundation in Pure Yellow and Soft Yellow (50-50 mix), Aromaleigh ultra resolution finishing powder in Translucent, false eyelashes in Red Cherry #15, MAC blush in Enough Said from Red She Said collection. I used MAC lipstick in Rubia topped with MAC 3D glass in Lightswitch.

I got a couple of gel liners as well from Coastal Scents. I already have several MAC fluidlines and Indelible gel liners, so I just got two that I think I will be using quite often. Truffle reminds me so much of a chocolate cake's moist folds. It is so easy to apply and, just like a good slice of chocolate cake, the consistency is moist so you know this will just glide on your lids. Grape Vine is also smooth and glide like butter. Downside: these apply a bit sheer and you need several tries to make them opaque, unlike MAC fluidlines which give the richest hues in just one glide of the brush. These gel liners apply like a dream but are a bit lacking in the pigmentation department. However, a few tries would give deep, pigmented color, and for the price, this is a steal. The advantage of being sheer though is that you can build color. I also see this as great bases, just like paint pots, because of the sheerness in application.

Anyways, I am quite satisfied with my Coastal Scents purchase. Can't wait to do more looks using these.