MAC Ruffian Glue-On Manicure and Lipstick Swatches and Review

Ruffian Manicure (Top to Bottom):  Demilune, Demoiselle, Spectator

MAC collaborated with cult New York designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian to bring together some funky style in three exclusive Ruffian manicures and lipsticks. Each glue-on, ready-to-wear set contains 24 nails that are pre-glued and in assorted sizes to ensure that each fits into each tip.

I am really not into fake nails or glue-on tips, but I admit it was fun to apply these! I also like that they are pre-glued so I don't need to mess with nail glue anymore. Also, the glue is reminiscent of the glue used to attach credit card onto paper when it is mailed to the user for activation - you know, that kind of stringy, transparent glue that's sticky but not messy? The glue on these nails is similar to that, just stickier. Also, they are not really hard to take off too. I was wearing nail polish when I wore them, but the glue didn't damage the nail polish underneath, which I was so happy to see.




Spectator is a cream with black half moon, black french tip and and black Ruffian ensignia. This is a really nice design and the one I liked best out of the three. Demoiselle looks scary but quite fascinating. It is a Ruffian red with white half moon and black french tip cream. Definitely not your everyday manicure! This is what I would imagine a vampire lady's nails would look like. Lastly, Demilune is a matte black with chrome gold half moon. It would be the best looking design, if only the nails would fit. The nails were kinda oddly shaped and the lengths were varying; I couldn't find uniform ones.

All in all, these are great avant-garde nail designs that are great for special occasions, or if you really want your nails to stand out. I did not wear them long enough to test the staying power. The designs are nice, but definitely only for special occasions, at least for me!

SRP: $25 US/$30 CDN


Ruffian Gold, Ruffian Naked (it arrived squished :( ), Ruffian Red

Ruffian Gold

Ruffian Red

Ruffian Naked

Ruffian Gold, Ruffian Naked, Ruffian Red

Ruffian Gold

Ruffian Naked

Ruffian Red

The three lipsticks are typical shades that I've seen before. I like Ruffian Naked (not on me, though), because I think this would look great on the right skintone. It is a pale peachy nude, and the formula is nice even though it is matte. It would make a great concealer lip look. However, on me, I would have to add a warm colored lipliner or lipgloss as this gives me corpse lips.

Ruffian Red is my favorite. It is a matte classic rich blue red. At first I read it as Russian Red, but I actually prefer Ruffian Red to Russian Red. I love the bold, rich red hue. Brightens my teeth as well because of the blue-based red.

Ruffian Gold is my least favorite. The glitter applies patchy and not nice at all. I would skip this.

SRP: $14.50 US/$17.50 CDN

All in all, I really like Ruffian Red out of the three lipsticks. As to the glue-on tips, it is not something I would wear, but maybe for very special occasions, I can at least try these. If your style complements these glue-on tips, I'm pretty sure there is at least one design that will pique your interest. As for me, this collection's winner is Ruffian Red lipstick.

Available exclusively online in North America starting June 18, 2012 at, International September 2012 at select MAC online locations and

Note: Media sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration. All opinions are completely The Shades Of U's.


Estre said...

This nails are so different, but I don´t like it for me.
The nude and red lipsticks are beautiful!

Eve said...

Awww I was looking forward to RUffian Gold

hollysagemini said...

I would never have thought MAC would bring out a product like this, they look cool though :) The matching lippes are a fab idea also!