MAC Reel Sexy Lipstick and Cremesheen Glass Swatches and Review

Here are some of my thoughts on the MAC Reel Sexy lipglass and lipsticks. I really like the coral and peach ones, and even Heroine, but I don't think they're very unique. I do have to admit though that I have not encountered an exact shade as Watch Me Simmer, so I am really loving it. Here they are with some swatches.


Reel Sexy, Watch Me Simmer, Pink Popcorn, Heroine

Reel Sexy

Watch Me Simmer

Pink Popcorn



Watch Me Simmer, Heroine, Pink Popcorn
Reel Sexy

under shade

Watch Me Simmer, Heroine, Pink Popcorn

Watch Me Simmer

Reel Sexy is a light clean coral in the amplified formula. I love amplifieds so this is really up my alley. I used to hate corals and oranges on my lips as I felt that they make my complexion look dirty, but I realized I just have to find the right kind of coral or orange.

That right kind of orange is definitely Watch Me Simmer. It's a bright pink-orange that is also in the amplified formula. I think the key is to get an orange with a touch of pink to work with my complexion, and Watch Me Simmer is perfect.

Wearing Watch Me Simmer

I am kinda surprised that they released Watch me Simmer just a couple of months apart in two collections: Shop MAC Cook MAC and now in Reel Sexy.

Heroine is another definite fave of mine. It is a bright violet-purple matte that is so pretty. It truly brightens my complexion. I also like the matte formula because it really kicks up the look a notch, it turns kinda high-glamour when wearing a matte purple lip. Just be very careful and exfoliate prior to application and moisturize your lips.

Pink Popcorn is a light lavender lustre that I don't really care for. I think I've seen a lot of these shades already.

Cremesheen Glasses:

Top-bottom: Star Quality, Colour Saturation, Private Screening, Cinestyle

Private Screening


Colour Saturation

Star Quality


Star Quality, Private Screening, Colour Saturation, Cinestyle

As I mentioned in previous reviews, the cremesheen glasses are sheer and less sticky than your regular lipglass. They are sheer mostly because the formula is different from that of the lipglass, it is less sticky and more comfortable on the lips than the lipglass. If you don't like sticky glosses, the Cremesheen glass is the one for you. The fact that MAC created complementary shades of the cremesheen glass to wear in tandem with the lipsticks in this collection meant that MAC really intended these to be layering glosses- not really to be worn alone if you like pigmented lips - but to create a luscious look by layering over a lipstick. Or, if you really don't care for pigmentation especially for the lighter cremesheen glasses, you can wear these alone for a shiny lip look.

Private Screening is a mid-tone peach cream that is very nice.  I like this layered over Reel Sexy or even Watch Me Simmer.

Cinestyle is a mid-tone blue-grey.  Great for a nude lip look or to layer over cooler-toned lippies.

Star Quality is aptly named; probably the star of the cremesheen glasses for me.  Very beautiful bright orange coral.  Perfect over Watch Me Simmer.

Colour Saturation is a dark cool wine.  Not really loving it especially this time of the year when I'm craving for bright lippies.  This is the cremesheen glass counterpart of Heroine, though, and I believe they do look good together.

All in all, this bunch of lipsticks and cremesheen glasses is something I've seen before.  I would like to say that Watch Me Simmer is an amazing color, but we did see it already in Shop Cook.  This is probably a good time to snag it if you missed it during the first release.  As for me, my favorites are definitely Watch Me Simmer, Heroine, and Star Quality.  I also like that these lipsticks are mostly in the amplified and matte formulas, they are really great shades that are showcased better in matte and amplified.  The shades are not very unique with the exception of Watch Me Simmer, but if you are into amplifieds and mattes, this is a good time to check out popular shades like the ones in this collection that are in this formulas.

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Watch out for the rest of the Reel Sexy product reviews!

Note: Media sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration.  All opinions are completely mine.


Anonymous said...

The swatches are so gorgeous. I have been eyeing the Mac Heroine l/s such a pretty purple.

The Shades Of U said...

Thanks as always JoJo! Yes Heroine is very pretty. I also love that it's matte.