Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor Swatches and Review



I was able to try these new lipcolors from Bare Escentuals called Pretty Amazing. They are not actually your typical lipgloss but maybe more of a hybrid- a combination of lipstick and gloss, not only because it gives an insane amount of pigmentation in one swipe, but it has the high shine and luscious look that a lipgloss provides. You can probably say that these are like liquid lipsticks.

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MAC Flighty: Big Bounce Shadows Swatches and Review Part I

Hello everyone! Here are some initial swatches and review of the Big Bounce Shadows coming out on May 5, 2011 in North America, May 2011 in Asia and June 2011 the rest of the world.

At first I was really confused when I opened the packaging. I was thinking, "What ARE these?". MAC describes them as "sensually spongey whipped mousse cream shadows in 16 hues that fly higher than gravity's rainbow." HUH? MAC claims that they are buildable mousse cream shadows from sheer to medium. That is just about the only description we have from MAC so far.

I have four of the sixteen Big Bounce Shadows, but I will be swatching the rest soon. Have a peek!

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A Recap: MAC Fashion Flower Collection Swatches and Review

As you probably read and saw on my First Video Review, I have played with the MAC Fashion Flower collection, but my video was more of just showing the products and swatches of the items. This time, it is a more in-depth review of the Fashion Flower collection and more product photos for you.

For some reason, the press sheet stated that this collection will debut in stores on May 5, 2011, but I guess it got bumped to this Thursday, April 28th.

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No. 17: Neutrogena Energizing Sugar Body Scrub, $9.99 average member rating: 9.0

"Unlike some other scrubs which are difficult to wash off, this one is not greasy and smells good."

No. 16: Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub, $13.99 average member rating: 9.1

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My First Video Review: MAC Fashion Flower Collection



Fresh Daisy, Lucky Green, Aqua, Groundcover, Bows & Curtseys, Free to Be

Beauty Powders and Lip Gelees

Beauty Powders: Light Sunshine, Alpha Girl

Top: Light Sunshine, Alpha Girl
Bottom: Fashion Flower, Now in Season


Mlle, Summer Shower

My first video review! Please be gentle! Let me know any suggestions, constructive criticism and comments.

I will be posting my usual review and swatches on this blog pretty soon.

Let me know what you think!

Note: Media samples were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.

Zoya Sunshine Swatches and Review

Good morning sunshine! Happy Easter to everyone! Since Easter is all about colorful and fancy hues, here are some swatches of the colorful and bling-y collection from Zoya called Sunshine.  Most of these are three-coaters.


Apple is a very pretty lime green with lots of metallic gold sparkle. This is one of my favorites just because it is one of the most unique colors in the bunch.


Ahh, glorious Kimmy. It is a beautiful candy apple red with lots of gorgeous red sparkle. Your nails will be making a statement with this. The red base complemented the gold sparkles (and vice versa) wonderfully.


Reva is a strawberry red with golden metallic sparkle. This is a pretty color, but I prefer Kimmy and Faye over this.


Tanzy- short for tangerine?  It is a bright orange with infused with golden sparkle.  It is pretty but I don't think oranges look good on my skin, so this is probably my least favorite from the bunch.


Rica is breathtaking. Zoya describes it as "warm light coral with pink and orange tones and heavy gold metallic sparkle". My skintone likes this a lot better than Tanzy even though it is on the orange side of the spectrum as well. The pink tones made it look better on my skin. This is also one of my favorites and will be wearing this often come summertime.



Faye is as beautiful as it is unique. It is a mauve with purple and brown undertones with lots of golden sparkle. It looks so much better in person. It is probably my most favorite out of the collection.

Formula of these is pretty nice, but it took longer to dry than my other Zoyas. Colors are pretty and unique, and the sparkles are very pretty when light hits them, and would be the perfect shades to herald the coming of summer. I especially like Faye, Rica, Kimmy, Apple. I only wish that Zoya infused other sparkles of different colors other than gold.

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Note: Media samples were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder

In the height of the summer swelter, who doesn’t crave, suddenly, to feel, look & be, cooler – shine, oil and heat – all gone! You’ve longed for it. And, now it’s captured: M·A·C MAGICALLY COOL LIQUID POWDER. An alchemical fusion that charms water droplets into a loose powder while remaining over 50 percent H2O. This feather-light silky powder goes on with the refreshing impact of an ocean mist. What’s more, this magical melange contains just enough optical blurring via its light-diffusing pigments to render skin’s surface into line-softened, natural luminosity. A cool-to-be-cool way to set, and enhance, the look of foundation. For the bare-faced, there’s the reward of natural radiance. During its earlier limited-edition launch, it was hailed by the cognoscenti wanting to stay covertly cool and perfectly collected. This time round it’s here to stay. How magical is that?

M·A·C Magically Cool Liquid Powder Available May 5, 2011 in the permanent line.

Truth & Light


Honey Rose

Brush Duo fibre face brush
Suggested Retail Price $42.00 U.S./$50.50 CDN

Truth & Light
Sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink
Honey Rose Sheer rosy beige with multidimensional shimmer
Cajun Sheer bronze shimmer that reflects gold
Suggested Retail Price $29.50 U.S./$35.50 CDN

North America May 5, 2011 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and
International May 2011 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and