Nail Look: Essie Luxeffects in Shine of the Times Swatch

Flakie top coats are probably one of the most mesmerizing polishes ever. They give this depth and dimension to the polish underneath that makes it look like there are glowing embers in the polish, especially if the base is dark. Essie Luxeffects in Shine of the Times is a beautiful flakie polish that reflects orange, teal, gold and green on the nail, and the changing shades are beautiful, just like falling leaves, and thus perfect for fall. This polish is of course very similar to the now discontinued and hard to find Sally Hansen in Hidden Treasure.

I got Shine of the Times from Walgreens along with other beautiful glitter and flakie top coats from the Essie Luxeffects collection. Take a peek in your neighborhood Walgreens because these are flying off the shelves.


SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

OMGAH! OMGAH! I've been wanting Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure for the longest & soooo glad Essie made one!!!

Definitely need to get this! Thank you for the heads up!!!

--- Nicole

Idaira said...

O_O I missed SH but I think I like Essie more!!! thank you so much!