Konad Nail Art: Flowers and China Glaze in Make An Entrance

Okay, let me say that I found this bottle of China Glaze polish under the bathroom sink. I have two helmers so I keep my stash in their place meticulously, so I realized that this particular polish must be the oldest one I own, just because it was under the sink and was given to me by a friend when I wasn't into nail polish yet. That was on my birthday in 2004. This China Glaze polish in Make an Entrance is seven years old. Turning eight. And yet it is probably one of the best China Glaze I own because the formula is a dream to work with. Even after seven years, it never thickened up and is as smooth and creamy as the first time I used it a long time ago. I guess this amazing formula is gone now that China Glaze is now Big 3 Free? Yes, this is probably the old formula, but I am mourning the loss of the thin, opaque-in-one-coat China Glaze formula of yesteryears.

Make an Entrance is a bright medium blue pink cream that is such a dream to apply. It also dried pretty quickly too. I used Konad special polish in White for the flowers. I forget the image plate number I used, but it was also from Konad. I like the delicate white pink flowers against the bright pink base - very summery.


Biba said...

Very lovely manicure!

Idaira said...

Lovely!!! wow 7 years!!! I love this color!