Bikini Zone Creme Hair Remover Review

I have been given the chance to try out a number of products from Bikini Zone. Summer is here and we are trying our darnest best to fit into our swimsuits. We are also making sure that we are fuzz-free down there to look our best in our bikinis, right? (*wink-wink*)

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This entry is a review on the Bikini Zone Creme Hair Remover. I used this when I went to the beautiful island of Boracay on my vacation. I had to make my bikini zone bikini-ready for my fabulous island getaway. I used the creme hair remover and it was my first time to use one. I like that Bikini Zone claims that it doesn't cause any itchies because I hate when that happens when I shave. It is important though to trim your bikini area prior to applying this product.

The product has an odor that I am not very fond of, but it was quickly overcome by the fact that it removed hair as painlessly and efficiently as possible. I left the product on the area for 3-4 minutes (you should not leave it on for more than ten minutes). I wiped the area with a washcloth and the hair came off with the product, pain and itch-free.

I am now a fan of hair removal cremes, especially this one by Bikini Zone because it didn't cause itchies, rashes or any other untoward incidents. It is indeed for sensitive skin. The razor burn-free experience is also a huge plus.

Pros: removed hair efficiently, cleanly, without pain or itchies

Cons: strong odor, trimming the area is a must prior to application of product

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Note: A media sample was provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.

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Silly Lilacs said...

Even though the formulation is for sensitive skin, I still feel a bit apprehensive. Though I am more inclined to try it out now haha

Can't wait for reviews of the other products!

Thank youuu =)