OPI Pirates of The Caribbean Swatches and Review

I've had this collection for almost a month now, but I was only able to swatch these last weekend. A lot of muted colors in this collection. I can't say this is a favorite, but at least OPI decided to veer away from the usual pastels.

Mermaid's Tears

Mermaid's Tears is a muted aqua to my eyes. Very springy and refreshing.

Stranger Tides

Stranger Tides is one of my favorites from this collection. It's like a dusty mint green cream. Reminds me of American Apparel in Army Jacket, but I think Stranger Tides is a bit more muted.

Steady as She Rose

Steady as She Rose is a very pale rose cream. It makes my hands look washed out. Meh.

Planks A Lot

Planks A Lot is my favorite along with Stranger Tides. I am a sucker for purples and this one is no exception. It's more muted than grape purple, but darker than lavender. Very pretty shade.

Skull and Glossbones

Skull and Glossbones is like a dirty greyish green to my eyes. Very clean-looking but a bit too dull for me.

Sparrow Me the Drama

Sparrow Me the Drama is a muted pink cream. Very barbie-ish but on the lighter side.

All in all, I am not too impressed with the colors. They are all a bit too dull and light to me, although I love Stranger Tides and Planks A Lot. Of course, those who love neutrals and muted colors will love this collection. This is a nice collection for summer and for office wear. I can always dress this up with some Konad and pearls/rhinestones like what I did with Sparrow Me The Drama, so it's all good.

The Shades Of U Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


Lilian said...

I like the names. Those names make the not so attractive colours stands out!

Phyrra said...

I like the silver, but the rest aren't doing much for me.