Rock & Republic Eye Shadows Swatches and Review

I got these eye shadows from at less than half the retail price, so I'm not complaining at all! These are my first R&R eyeshadows, and they are as gaudy and outlandish in packaging as the blushes, but obviously these are smaller.

 Swatches and review after the jump

Top: Snakeskin, Exile, Sabotage, Wicked, Tribal
Bottom: Lost, Ammo, Diffused, Envy, Ambition

Top: Snakeskin, Exile
Bottom: Lost, Ammo

Top: Sabotage, Wicked, Tribal
Bottom: Diffused, Envy, Ambition

Each came in a sturdy round box, just like the blushes did. The compact itself is quite ornate, with the R&R logo in front. I like that it has a mirror because it is very easy to apply even when traveling.

Snakeskin, Exile, Sabotage, Wicked, Tribal

Sabotage, Wicked, Tribal, Lost, Ammo, Diffused, Envy, Ambition

Tribal, Lost, Ammo, Diffused, Envy, Ambition

As you can see from the swatches, these are very pigmented, rich, saturated colors. They go on really buttery and smooth on the skin. My favorites are --- actually, everything I bought!! Ambition is a beautiful goldish white that I will use to highlight the browbone and tearducts. Exile would be a beautiful golden brown lid color. Wicked is a rich, buttery and pigmented matte dark plum. Tribal is a deep, rich chocolate brown that is excellent as a liner or crease/outer V color.  Ammo reminds me of MAC Amber Lights - very coppery golden shimmery goodness.  Snakeskin is a beautiful olive green with golden highlights.  Envy is a rich, metallic hunter green.  Exile is a shimmery beige-brown, and Sabotage is a shimmery golden beige.  Diffused is gorgeous- it's like a greenish brown shimmery shadow with gold undertones.  Lost is darker with more brown, but ALL are just gorgeous and amazing and luxurious.

Watch out for looks using these eyeshadows!


DazzleGlam said...

I just really want wicked, lol. I don't think I have anything like it... pretty swatches thanks!

The Shades Of U said...

DazzleGlam- my pleasure!

MightyMace said...

I also purchased a few of the R&R eye shadows too. How do you organize or store them? I'm finding it a pain trying to locate the right colors since there isn't a window to view color. How do you do it?


The Shades Of U said...

MightyMace- that's where beauty blogs come into play! I love looking at swatches from other blogs.