ARCONA Lightening Drops Review and Before and After Photos

I'd received this product several months ago, but it's only now that I am writing a review about it. Why? I always take my time when reviewing skincare because I want to give the products a chance to work. The ARCONA Lightening Drops dropped on my lap just when I'd needed it most. A few months ago, I had my worst case of hormonal acne. It was really bad and I had a lot of zits on the chin and jawline. A few visits to my OB-Gyn and dermatologist yielded amazing results and now I hardly have zits anymore (knock on wood!). However, some nasty battle scars remained, and I really wanted to get rid of the hyperpigmentation. I think a combination of my retinoid regimen, my Clarisonic cleansing system and regular exfoliation worked in tandem with the Lightening Drops to really fade hyperpigmentation, but I still give the Arcona Lightening Drops a lot of credit for this.

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As you can see, it is like a honey-colored liquid that is thin in consistency. It is a serum that you apply over your blemishes to lighten them. I apply this before my retinoids and apply my emu oil all over my face to moisturize and push the products into the skin. Here is how this product is described by the manufacturer:

Lightening Drops

Powerful corrective serum formulated to lighten hyperpigmentation and correct surface skin irregularities for brighter, smoother texture and tone. Ideal for sun spots, acne scarring or pigmentation problems caused by hormonal fluctuations or pregnancy. Reduce melasma and resurface skin with kojic acid, renowned for its corrective properties, and azelaic acid. Lighten and brighten skin with antioxidant vitamin C, gallic acid and arbutin.

Directions: Apply daily to dark, discolored spots on skin. Use sparingly as final step in your PM regimen. If skin is sensitive or becomes dry, use every other day. If used in AM, follow with SPF 30 sunblock.

After using it for several months, the result is gradual but effective. It did lighten the scars:



As you can see, the difference is obvious. As I said, the combination of my skincare regimen probably helped in reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, but since I use the Lightening Drops on a regular basis, I am confident that this is one of the products that contributed to the marked improvement on my skin.

You will feel a slightly tingly feeling upon application, but sometimes I feel that this is just a way for me to know that the product does indeed work. It may just be a psychological thing, but it works for me.

ARCONA Lightening Drops retails for $35 at

Note: A media sample was provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.

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