Bare Escentuals The Women of B.E. 20-Piece Eye Color Collection Swatches and Review

Perhaps many of you know that I love mineral makeup, especially mineral foundations and eyeshadows. Bare Escentuals holds a special place in my makeup stash because it is my first foray into mineral makeup- whether it be foundation, blush or shadows. It introduced me to the wonderful world of crushed mica and how beautiful your lids can look with just a small amount of these. It introduced me to the fact that with a good base or maybe a sealant, mineral shadows are fun, creative, pigmented and rich, without those chemicals and preservatives that we often find in traditional makeup.

I have a number of B.E. shadows and wished that B.E. would have them in smaller jars so that I can have more colors and choices without having to pay an arm and a leg for them.

Imagine my delight when B.E. introduced a eye color kit that not only  has 6, 10 or even a dozen different-hued shadows, but a whopping 20 different shades!  All in smaller jars that I had hoped for!

Swatches and review after the jump!

Bare Escentuals launched The Women of B.E. 20-piece Eye Color Collection, a luxurious-looking kit with 20 different eyeshadow shades in smaller (but not super tiny) .01 oz jars, held together in a plastic holder which is in turn contained in a chic-looking box.

Don't they look gorgeous? They don't bounce around in the pink box because they are held in place by the plastic holder, and I love how everything is so neat and beautiful in the box, so it can even be great for travel. What is also great about this kit is that each color is named after a Bare Escentuals customer, so it seems that they decided to take this opportunity to honor their clientele who I heard is quite loyal to this brand, just as many traditional makeup users are fiercely loyal to their brand.

This kit includes the following:

0.01 oz eye color in Beautiful Autumn, a golden pumpkin
0.01 oz eye color in Beautiful Lisa, a rose pink
0.01 oz eye color in Beautiful Melodie, a red
0.01 oz eye color in Beautiful Susan, a sterling
0.01 oz eye color in Gigi, an opal blue
0.01 oz eye color in Joeli, a lavender
0.01 oz eye color in Girlfriend Margo, a rose
0.01 oz eye color in Girlfriend Michelle, a pink mist
0.01 oz eye color in Girlfriend Tina, a green
0.01 oz eye color in Girlfriend Kathleen, an olive mist
0.01 oz eye color in Exotic Laura, a rosy clay
0.01 oz eye color in Exotic Sandra, a sage
0.01 oz eye color in Exotic Tara, a teal
0.01 oz eye color in Exotic Victoria, a gold tiara shade
0.01 oz eye color in Starlet Casey, a gold
0.01 oz eye color in Starlet Karen, a deep cream
0.01 oz eye color in Starlet Catherine, an olive
0.01 oz eye color in Starlet Leigh Anne, an eggplant
0.01 oz eye color in Radiant Rebecca, an apricot
0.01 oz liner shadow in Treasured Terri, an emerald, and
Keepsake box

Here are some swatches:

My favorites are Autumn, Terri, Lisa, Kathleen, Sandra, Margo, and Leigh Ann.  There are nine colors in this kit that are not sold individually, meaning you can only find them in this collection.  These shades are definitely not glittery, but have a nice shimmer to them which is good for making the eyes look more awake and rested.  Not everyone can wear glitter or sparkle, but everyone can wear shimmer.  Seven of these colors are matte which some B.E. customers have requested to balance the shimmer of the other shadows. 

What is also great about this kit is that it is sold on for $79.92 plus shipping and handling of $6.47. However, if you order now, it is available for 3 Installments of $26.64, plus Tax and S & H.  It boils down to only $4.50 per shadow, and I believe that's an amazing price!

I guess the only downside I can think of is that there are not a lot of darker crease colors in this kit, but if you are going to use these as everyday eye looks with just a wash of color or two on the lids, you should be fine.

I am liking the versatility and great packaging of the kit, and of course the pigmented shadows, and I will be creating looks using them soon.

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Note: Media sample was provided by a representative of the company for consideration and evaluation.  All opinions are 100% mine.


Anonymous said...

Oh, very nice! I just got my first BE eyeshadow and I like it :D

Marcey said...

What a beautifrul kit to receive for review!! I'm sure you'll use the colors well - there are some really pretty ones!

Marcey said...

Forgot to ask if these are in 5 gm jars or 3 gm jars.

♥ Starryxuan said...

Its a pretty kit! :) love that it come with many eyeshadow in a box. :)