Red-Brown Look Using MAC and Aromaleigh

I used some of my pretty mineral shadows from Aromaleigh for this look, along with some products from MAC. I used a shadow from the discontinued, limited edition collection called L'orchidee. The shadow is named Chatter Box, described on the Aromaleigh website as a "rich, multi-dimensional brownish mauve smoke with frosted shimmer".

To lend reddish nuances to the look, I added a tiny bit of Velvet Dream from the gorgeous Gothic Lolita collection.

Finally, I was able to wear the famed Pure Rouge blush in Verve. It's Aromaleigh's version of NARS Orgasm blush, and I really love Verve. It is not splotchy at all on the cheek; it applies smoothly and gives this really subtle but buildable pretty coral flush. I applied it using the angled fiber optic from Lumiere and the outcome is subtle but definitely gorgeous. You can go as pigmented or as subtle as you like with this blush. I also like the tiny shimmery particles that are not in-your-face but more of like a subtle radiance.

I also used one of my favorite mineral liners, Drama Queen liner in Red, also from Aromaleigh.

I used the pretty MAC eyeshadow in Et Tu, Bouquet? from the A Rose Romance collection.

I used Hold the Pose lipstick from the Makeup Art Cosmetics Richard Phillips collection.

I applied one of my favorite MAC lipglasses, Nico.

One the lid, I applied a pretty mineral eyeshadow from Valerie Minerals, Miranda.

Here's a step-by-step. All products Aromaleigh unless otherwise stated.

Apply MAC Bare Canvas paint all over lid and lower lashline. Using Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop 3/8" brush (or the 239 brush), apply Valerie Beauty mineral shadow in Miranda foiled using MAC Charged Water on lid.

Using the same brush, apply Velvet Dream on outer V.

Using the same brush, apply Chatterbox on crease. Blend with the MAC 224 brush.

Ultimate Flirty Hair How-To Guide
Ultimate Flirty Hair How-To Guide

See how to create perfect waves no matter what your hair type

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MAC Nail Trend Review and Swatches Part II

NOTE: For Part I of Nail Trend Review and Swatches, CLICK HERE.

All in all, I love most of the colors from this collection. The dark, rich cream colors truly celebrate the advent of fall, and I like wearing darker polish now, so it's just a great coincidence. I have shown swatches of For Fun and Dance All Night in my previous entry, so this post focuses on Rich, Dark, Delicious and Dry Martini.

Rich, Dark, Delicious is an amazing rich, deep blackened brown that reminds me of decadent dark chocolate. I am wearing it right now and I am getting compliments on it. I love how mysterious and edgy it looks, and yet it is not as harsh and goth as black polish, especially when light hits it. This is one of my favorites from this collection.

I've heard reviews that Dry Martini is a disappointment to some because it looked like baby's poop. The first coat really did look like that, but a second layer takes away that disgusting green-brown color and makes it a deeper olive green-khaki. I believe it can be a pretty color especially on the right skintone. I would totally wear this color, especially with a complementing Konad image polish color. I still prefer For Fun and Rich, Dark, Delicious over this, but this is not disgusting nor unwearable for me by any means.

I did not get Beyond Jealous because it looked almost black to me, and I already have a pretty dark forest green in Orly's Enchanted Forest, so I decided to skip it. I will be getting another pretty color from this collection today, Cool Reserve, a dirty grey lavender, and will be posting swatches next time.

In the meantime, I leave you with some swatches of the Nail Trend lacquers on white cardboard.

MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 Review

Up Next: my promised review on the MAC Nail Trend nail lacquers

NOTE: For detailed information and swatches of the different shades of Moisture Tint SPF 15, CLICK HERE.

For busy women who believe that separate sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation are too high maintenance, MAC has come up with a 3-in-1 product: the Moisture Tint with SPF 15.

According to MAC, it is packed with botanical extracts and anti-oxidants to soothe and heal stressed out and sun-damaged skin:

In addition to hiding small imperfections and discolorations, this unique makeup multi-tasker is packed with a plethora of preventative and reparative extracts and boosts skin’s health with continued use. Soothing aloe and lecithin, combined with anti-irritant caffeine and sucrose extracts, helps all skin types defend against environmental aggravations. Humectants such as sodium hyaluronate and glycerin ensure optimal moisture levels, which are protected by added cholesterol to assist in repairing the skin’s lipid barrier. Collagen-stimulating palmitoyl oligopeptides help in repairing the appearance of past injuries and encourage skin to act in a more youthful manner. Damage caused by the sun and pollution are slowed down with the aid of antioxidant vitamins C and E to thwart free radicals, and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate to provide UV protection.

MAC itself has stated that this product has light coverage to keep it from entering into mask-like territory. Thus, if you have skin that needs adequate coverage, this might not be the product for you, although you can always layer mineralize powder or foundation over it, which is my preferred method of applying this product.

Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 is your basic tinted moisturizer that other brands have likewise come up with for their respective cosmetic lines. It is best slapped on the face during those manic days when you only have 10 minutes to get ready, as this has sunscreen, moisturizer, and a light blend of liquid makeup all in one product. It is wise to have translucent powder handy to dust evenly on your face in order to set the entire makeup look.

My Take: As I do with my BB creams, I apply this as follows: I place a small amount on the back of my hand, take my Coastal Scents's kabuki-on-a-stick brush, and apply the product on my face in circular, buffing motions till it is blended seamlessly. I apply another light layer as needed. I top off with a very light layer of mineral foundation, just enough to set the tinted moisturizer, then a light dusting of translucent powder to help in oil control.

(My verdict on this product and a look using Studio Moisture Tint after the jump)

Upside: I like the seamless finish, the light feeling on the face, and this is great for carefree days when I want minimal primping.

Downside: SPF15 is too low for me, so I slather on a separate sunscreen every time I apply this. Also, I tried this on without applying mineral makeup and in 100 degree heat, it was gone in less than 5 hours. This would probably wear best during cooler weather, or with mineral foundation on top to seal it. Translucent powder just wouldn't cut it; it would still disappear on me. Coverage is also inadequate for me if used alone.

All in all, I would only wear this product with mineral foundation on top, and with a separate sunscreen. Thus, these prior steps kinda defeat the purpose of this being a 3-in-1 product. It might be an adequate all-in-1 product for some ladies, but not for me, especially since the staying power on me is only so-so. I love the finish though - it looks so even and flawless. I would wear this on cooler, carefree days.

Summer Skin Rehab
Summer Skin Rehab

Dermatologist Heidi Waldorf explains how to treat discoloration, breakouts and your last (hopefully!) sunburn of the summer

According to Waldorf, "pigmentation and acne" are the two most prominent skin issues women face at the end of the summer. Here she explains how you can erase these signs of summer and more with the help of over-the-counter products, prescription creams and in-office treatments. Follow this advice and you'll say hello to fall with gorgeous, glowing, spot-free skin.

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Top 13 Drugstore Hairstyling Products
Top 13 Drugstore Hairstyling Products

Flawless looks come cheap with these products

Turns out, the commercials were right: you actually can get salon-worthy hair with drugstore hairstyling products. At least, that's what readers say about these gels, serums, hairsprays and mousses. All of them gave our readers gorgeous 'dos -- without breaking the bank.

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No. 13: Herbal Essences Shimmery Nights Shimmer Spray Gel, $6.29 average reader rating: 9

"If you want hair that glows and shimmers all night long, making your friends jealous, this is the perfect product ..."

No. 12: Finesse Curl Defining Mousse, $3.79 average reader rating: 9.1

"I have wavy hair so this mousse helps to maintain what curl I have for the whole day without feeling heavy on my hair ..."

No. 11: Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Serum, $8.99 average reader rating: 9.2

"It makes blow drying a breeze, and leaves a nice sheen on your hair without weighing it down ..."

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MAC Nail Trend Initial Swatches and Review

I was able to try these new nail lacquers from MAC's Nail Trend collection, and I have to say, I loved every single one. I will be getting all of them, they are the perfect fall colors in my favorite formula, cream (the MAC MA said they were matte, but I believe she meant cream as opposed to frost).

For Fun is a lovely rich clean purple that of course I fell in love with as I am such a sucker for purples. I love how lovely the color purple is. The first swatch was taken under direct sunlight, and the second was indoors using a flash. See the difference in color as a result of the lighting used. Also, in the second swatch, base and top coats were used, while the first one was quickly taken without base or top coats.

Dance All Night is a pretty brick red, which is such an amazing fall color. The more I keep looking at these polishes, the more I want to refrain from Konadifying them, as they are so beautiful worn plain, and adding designs will distract from the richness and beauty of these lavish fall colors.

As I had mentioned, I will be getting the rest of the nail lacquer shades. I am into deep, mysterious nail polish shades right now, maybe because my mind is looking forward to fall. I saw the rest of the nail lacquers today. Rich, Dark, Delicious is a beautiful blackened brown, and absolutely reminds me of dark chocolate. Mmmm! The most amazing for me are the greens, Dry Martini, a khaki-olive green, and Beyond Jealous, a blackened blue green. Great fall colors.

Watch out for the rest of the swatches soon.

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Fall '09 by Marilyn Minter: Review and Swatches

I've had the opportunity to play with these items from the new Makeup Art Cosmetics Marilyn Minter collection, and I would have to say that I was underwhelmed with the collection. I already have the prettiest pigment of the bunch, Cocomotion, a dirty gold bronze with gold pearl. It looks amazing on the crease and outer V with a lighter color on the lid. The rest are just so-so for me.

Brash & Bold is a bold magenta pigment that would look great mixed with some clear nail polish for a wonderful color on the nails, but on the eyes, it's a bit too bright for me, unless used just a teeny bit and mixed with other colors to lend some magenta pop to the peepers.

Heritage Rouge is a dirty brown plum that I also already have from a previous collection. It's a nice staple pigment that can be used both for neutral or dramatic looks.

Push the Edge is a deep bright purple with pearl. It's similar to Entremauve but the latter is deeper, darker, and classier, in my opinion. I didn't like the fact that Push the Edge has pearl, because it ruined the color for me.

Reflects Glitters and the Glitters are NOT eye-safe, so please do not use them for the eyes. They can be used to mix with nail polish, hair spray or gel, for the skin like the shoulders and decolletage, but the eyes are a no-no.

Reflects Copper is described as a sparkling saffron, Reflects Rust is a sparkling warm red, Gold Glitter is sparkly chunky gold that looks cheap in my opinion, and Fuchsia Glitter is sparkling fuchsia. As you can tell, I have no love for these glitters.

All in all, I think the worthy buys in this collection are the pigments. If you have to choose, I suggest get Cocomotion and Push the Edge, although for me, the only must-have item in this collection is Cocomotion. It's a beautiful pigment and you will enjoy one full jar for many years to come (or you can always split it up with a friend). I will come up with a look using this pigment in the coming posts.

Dieci Colori Essence of Italy Lemon Peel Sugar Scrub Review

I've had the chance to try this lemon peel sugar scrub from Dieci Colori's Essence of Italy line. It's basically a body care line that is made from organic ingredients. This product is from their Fruit collection, which is infused with the fragrant essence of lemon zest. According to the company, the product is made from 100% organic sugar crystals and lemon zest.

My Take: This sugar scrub smells divine. The scent of lemon is intoxicating and really perks up my spirit in the mornings. I apply the product with moistened hands while in the shower, and scrub the granules on the areas that need more tender loving care: elbows, knees, lower and upper arms, ankles, heels and feet. I gently rinse the crystals off and get amazed everytime by the result: I get soft, smooth, supple skin without feeling or looking greasy or oily. The targeted areas look smooth and I get nicely-pink heels and soles as a result of all the sloughing of dead skin cells.

Upside: Amazing natural (as opposed to artificial) lemon scent, excellent exfoliation, gives beautiful, smooth and supple skin without being greasy.

Downside: May be a bit too dry for some people. You can probably add a bit of olive oil if you need more moisture (but believe me, this will make you feel moisturized without being too greasy). A little high-end in price but if you want to indulge and feel pampered, this is a good buy.

After exfoliating, I follow this up with my Dieci Colori Essence of Italy Lemon Whipped Body Cream which deserves its own review. The combination of these 2 products is a one-two Knock-Out punch against skin dullness, flaking and dryness. Watch out for my thoughts on this in the next entries.

11 Secrets Your Body Waxer Would Never Reveal

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11 Secrets Your Body Waxer Would Never Reveal

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Ever wonder what's going through your waxer's mind while you're spread eagle on their table? You could ask, but that whole hot-wax-in-your-private-areas thing can be a little preoccupying, you know? That's why we tracked down these waxing salon owners: Jodi Shays of Queen Bee Waxing in Culver City, Calif., Cindy Barshop of Completely Bare Salons in New York City, and Leah Nacion of The Waxing Co. in Honolulu. They gave us uncensored scoop on everything you'd ever want to know (and then some) about what goes on in waxing salons.

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M·A·C In High Def: For Perfect, Natural-looking Skin HDTV Requires

Face and Body Foundation formulated for flawless replication;
at last, you can achieve the perfection expected on screen at all times. A complementary collection of Lipstick, Lipglass, Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural applied with the 187 Duo Fibre and 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brushes fool the eye, and the camera. The very best in the new look of Hi-Def, made easy.

The M·A·C In High Def collection is everything an artist or makeup aficionado needs to make a picture perfect face. The cornerstone of the collection is M·A·C Face and Body Foundation. Revered by makeup artists in the photography, film and fashion worlds, Face and Body Foundation has kept skin hydrated, smooth and satiny since it launched over 20 years ago – it’s truly the industry’s foundation of choice for a flawless face. Top off with Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural, this tag team foundation and baked powder works wonders by imitating skin’s natural texture and tone, a must for HDTV. Rounding out the collection are four smooth and subtle shades of Lipstick, ensuring lips are coated in creamy neutrality, perfect for a close-up.

M·A·C In High Def will be available for a limited time starting September 10th 2009.

Close To Real Light neutral peach pink (Lustre)
High Def Mid-tone neutral coral (Amplified)
Sharp Focus Deep brown plum (Lustre)
Resolutely Red Deepened claret (Lustre)
Suggested Retail Pric e $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Light Soft pale beige
Light Medium Pale golden beige
Medium Soft creamy beige
Medium Plus Tan beige
Medium/Dark Caramel beige
Medium Deep Rich golden tan
Dark Deep caramel
Deep Dark Rich golden bronze
Suggested Retail Price $25.00 U.S./$30.00 CDN

C1 Soft ivory
N1 Soft alabaster
C2 Golden creamy beige
N2 Porcelain beige
C3 Golden sandy beige
N3 Creamy natural beige
C4 Golden natural beige
C5 Pale golden honey
N5 Caramel beige
C6 Rich golden honey
C7 Warm caramel
N7 Warm bronze
N9 Deep warm bronze
Suggested Retail Price $32.00 U.S./$38.00 CDN

188 Small Duo Fibre Face Flat topped, full circular brush
used for lightweight application and blending of any face or cheek formula
Suggested Retail Price $34.00 U.S./$41.00 CDN

187 Duo Fibre Face Large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face products
Suggested Retail Price $42.00 U.S./$50.50 CDN

North America September 10th, 2009 only at M·A·C retail stores, 1.800.588.0070 and
International September 2009 at M·A·C locations,
1.800.588.0070 and