Guerlain Cherry Blossom Spring Collection 2010: Meteorites Voyage and Insolence Blooming Edition

“Cherry Blossom”

A Tribute to Blossoming Nature in the Far East

Guerlain envisions Spring 2010 with more freshness, more luminosity and more tenderness than ever before. Our newest colour collection Cherry Blossom is “la vie en rose” with an Asian twist! For this collection Guerlain drew inspiration from the colors, tones and softness of the Far East where Cherry blossoms are cause for festivity when winter comes to a close. Look for a rosy, almost porcelain complexion with shiny, fresh and sparkling lips, and eyes blending extremes of shadows.

Blush Eclat – Cherry Blossom
The freshness of a morning stroll in a garden still damp with dew. The first sunbeams caress her blushing cheekbones. Her complexion is luminous and radiant. This is the “healthy” promise of Cherry Blossom, a pink and peach blush with shades reminiscent of Japanese cherry trees in bloom. Ultra-lightweight and transparent, they revive cheeks left pale by the winter. These extremely soft colors will boost a natural glow in one stroke!
Limited edition shade: #07 Cherry Blossom - $49

Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eye Shadow
Light and shade are captured together in this intense black lacquered case. Pearly pink and white tones were inspired by the rays of sunlight reflecting on the surface of a lake, while the violet and mauve evoke oriental flowers playing with shadows in a garden at dusk. The luminous and soft tones for the day contrast with smoky and more intense shades for the evening.
Limited edition shade: #408 Jeu D’Ombrelles - $59

MÉTÉORITES VOYAGE Exceptional Pressed Powder

Guerlain’s Meteorites collection harnesses the beauty and art of light for powders that create universal radiance on every skin tone. Their fresh and delicate textures have propelled Meteorites to cult-like status; makeup that delivers pure, magical results. Advancements never cease in a brand known for almost two centuries of innovation and new Meteorites Voyage is a reinvented formula featuring unprecedented shades and a spectacular new case. Meteorites Voyage offers the ultimate in colour-blending expertise to reproduce the purest radiance on the skin. Finally, a powder that can create the flawless complexion and feeling of comfort that all women seek – softness, radiance and luminosity with an imperceptible, translucent finish.

• Ingenious blend of matte and pearly shades for six correcting or light-enhancing colours that deliver the purest radiance to all complexions.
• Ultra-fine, easy to apply texture for a finish as airy and soft as silk.
• Delicate violet fragrance.

• Three correcting colours: a mauve that catches the light and brightens the complexion, a pink that refreshes tired complexions and a green that reduces redness.
• Three light-enhancing colours: a white to infuse the complexion with light, with no chalky effect, a champagne to make the skin sparkle and radiate and a pink gold to unify olive complexions and warm up fair skin tones.
• Enriched with nylon powder, to subtly mattify while reflecting the light.

Apply with a powder brush on bare skin or over foundation.

Available Shades: Mythic 01

Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Compact is available for $170.00 (refill available for $55.00) at select Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman.

Insolence Blooming Edition
Springtime fantasy
Press pause and awaken all of your senses.
Insolence by Guerlain, the fragrance of insouciance and the unexpected, gets playful and has fun surprising us with fantasy.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, it slips into joyful, swirling colours. This sparkling floral, punctuated with radiant violet, fiery berries and sensual iris, dresses up in exceptional seasonal attire. An homage to the awakening of nature after the lassitude of winter, it brings a breeze of cheer to the dressing table. It shows off a colourful and sparkling bottle, decorated with Japanese-style flowers, a reference to Kyoto gardens and famous manga graphic novels.

Insolence Blooming Edition:
The awakening of colour s and scents.
A swirl of notes.
A whirlwind of colours.
An unpredictable fragrance that stimulates the nose and eyes.
Bold and joyful notes.
A box and a bottle revamped with a spr ingtime feel.
An elegant and joyful graphic design.

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