EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Cosmetic Bags and Brushes Review

I distinctly remember a year or so ago, I read in a fashion magazine that Alicia Silverstone, a staunch vegetarian and crusader for PETA, stated that her favorite makeup brushes are Ecotools because they are very functional, aesthetically pleasing and yet cruelty-free. It really struck me because I was already using Ecotools brushes at that time. It must have struck the Ecotools powers-that-be as well, because they have collaborated with Alicia Silverstone to come up with a new line of cruelty-free, environment-friendly cosmetic bags that won't break the bank. I honestly cannot think of any other model for Ecotools but Alicia. She even launched her very own eco-conscious website,, where she shares all her discoveries in food, style and products that would make this world a kinder, simpler, cruelty-free place.

The makeup bags that she endorses for Ecotools fit Alicia's personality, goals, and philosophy. Here are the reasons why:

•Bag is made with natural hemp material.
•Lining is made with recycled plastic (PET).
•Floral design is printed with non-toxic inks.
•Hangtag printed on tree-free stone paper.

Amazing, eh? Tree-free stone paper! I didn't even know you can make paper out of stone. These are amazing bags in the sense that they are all-natural but don't look unkempt, haphazard, or plain. They are the hippies of the cosmetic bag world, non-conformist but colorful and attractive. They are not ghetto at all. I love the classy beige-brown color and the colorful splash of flowers and leaves (apparently Alicia's favorite flower).

Cosmetic Bag

I am liking this cosmetic case. It is big enough to carry a lot of your makeup essentials, and yet small enough to fit in your average-sized purse. Perfect for everyday touch-ups.

5-Piece Brush Set and Bag

This is my favorite out of all the cosmetic bag variants from Ecotools. But of course, because it comes with 4 brushes that Ecotools claims as limited edition ones. These brushes are made from cruelty-free, synthetic hairs that are soft yet get the work done.

The Finishing Brush is great to use with mineral makeup and loose powders. This would be great to apply my finishing powders to set my foundation. The Blush Brush is actually a duo-fiber -like brush (similar to the MAC 187) that you can use to apply pigmented mineral or traditional blushes to give a soft, lit-from-within finish. Create a smoky eye with the Angled Eye Shadow Brush. Apply shadow to the outer corner of your eye, moving inward at an angle. Use the Lash & Brow Groomer to control stray brows. You can also use the comb to separate and lengthen lashes after applying mascara.

The brushes are also made with bamboo handles (a highly-sustainable plant), recycled aluminum ferrules and cruelty-free hairs. Love them!

Lastly, store the brushes in your earth-friendly Cosmetic Bag.

Train Case

The train case fits a wide variety of products that you can use for storage in your home, or tote for a weekend getaway.


Overnight Bags

Lastly, the overnight bags are great to use for those quick out-of-town trips over the weekend and you just want to stuff all your toiletries in one bag. You can place your bath products, face creams, lotion, and makeup in this bag and still have room to spare.

I honestly love these makeup bags. They are stylish and yet cruelty-free and kind to the environment. Best of all, they are affordable (the biggest one, the overnight bag, has a suggested retail price of $19.99). I saw them at my neighborhood ULTA, and they are also available online at top retailer sites.

Note: This review is based on media samples provided by a representative of the company. For more information on the matter, please refer to the Disclosure page.


SAUCY | eff. | BABY said...

The brush set looks great. I'm particularly interested in trying the duo-fibre brush. Do they sell these at Target??


The Shades Of U said...

Nicole- I am not sure if they already have the Alicia Silverstone bags- I am pretty sure they will have these, because Target carries the Ecotools line.

J-ezzy said...

@ SAUCY - Yes, they're sold at Target, my target however can not keep these products in stock, if you order over $50 from Target, you can get free shipping from or you can try the ulta store/website too.

Hint - When searching the target website, they spell ecotools two different ways (1) ecotools (2) eco tools

I own the LE brush set with bag, it's diving I tell you, I use the duo-fibre every other day or so (I alternate between the studio tools duo-fibre brush, the mac 188 brush and the eco tools brush). I love all 3 honestly. I want to go to ulta/target to pick up the train case and overnight case too!

SAUCY | eff. | BABY said...

Thanks J-ezzy! I'll definitely check my local Target. =]


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