The 13 Worst Perfumes
The 13 Worst Perfumes

These fragrances had readers gagging, itching and more

First, a disclaimer: fragrance is a deeply personal thing, and one person's signature scent is another's gag-inducer. So, take these reviews with a grain of salt. But, there is something to be said for perfumes that have multiple people complaining of horrid stenches or headaches. So read on before your next fragrance purchase, at least you'll be more likely to spare your cubicle-mate some nausea.

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No. 13: Clinique Aromatics Elixir, $42.50 average reader rating: 6.5

Some readers say the fragrance is "something even my grandmother would have snubbed ..."

No. 12: Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Parisienne Eau de Parfum, $39 average reader rating: 6.5

Readers say this perfume "screams old lady," is "not youthful at all," and has a "dated fragrance ..."

No. 11: Lush Go Green, $7.95 average reader rating: 6.4

Readers say to stay away unless you like smelling "like a Christmas tree air freshener ..."

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Celine said...

Amazing! My mother wears Aromatics Elixir. She's been wearing that scent for over 30 years. I hate borrowing her clothes because everything smells like that, and it smells like old ladies!

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Oh, I do hate Aromatics Elixir! But I like that one from YSL :D

matilda said...

Elixir, Yves Saint Laurent, they are not that bad compare to the Julian Rouas Paris perfumes. On Friday the 13th I stumbled by accident on Julian Rouas Paris Swing collection, I should have stayed home. Julian Rouas Paris fragrances are without a doubt the worst perfumes out there. I'm positive that a Bucaneer's armpit won't smell as offensive. These perfumes have a putrid, foul-urine smell, like a rancid toilet bowl, yuck!!

Sandhia Doebar said...

I really don't like Issey Miyake and Beautiful by Estee Lauder... These two scents are awful!