Introducing Parfums Intimes: Victoria's Secret's Most Luxurious Fragrance

Introducing -
Luxurious fabrics for lingerie. Exquisite inspiration for fragrance.
Parfums Intimes

The exclusive new fragrance collection from Victoria’s Secret
Calling on the tradition of fine French perfumery, Parfums Intimes were created from the most precious raw materials the world over. Add to that our own heritage of beautiful lingerie, and you get four exquisite fragrances, each designed to evoke the unique sensation of the fabric that inspired it:

Satin juxtaposes cool with warm.
Silk weaves together a medley of gossamer notes.
Cashmere is luxurious, encompassing warmth.
Lace is an interplay of density and light.

The elegantly feminine glass bottles come nestled in keepsake boxes with luxurious, lingerie-inspired details: sweet, button box closures and delicate inner pouches that tie back to each scent’s signature fabric.

The Collection

Vanilla Jasmine
A luxurious cloak of cashmere envelops every curve.
Sensual Vanilla Bean Orchid from the French Island of
Bourbon marries Mediterranean “Living” Purple Orchid.
Jasmine Absolute cultivated in India. The lasting warmth
of Cedarwood and Heliotrope.

Orange Flower

A delicate veil of lace dresses skin in femininity.
Exquisite, glowing Orange Flower Absolute, harvested,
then handpicked in Nabeul, Tunisia. Distinctively rich
Chinese Osmanthus. Ethereal flashes of Pink Grapefruit
and watery Dewdrops.
Eau de Parfum, 1.7 oz., $65

Rose de Mai

A ripple of satin over bare skin. Rose de Mai, a delicate
pink rose cultivated in the fields of Grasse, France, home
to the modern art of perfumery. Asian “Living” Honeysuckle
procured via “Living Technology,” an innovation that
captures the essence of the flower, untouched in its natural
environment. A luminous backdrop of Pink Grapefruit and
Mandarin Flower.

Mandarin Santal

A gossamer layer of silk bathes the body. Chinese
Mandarin, uniquely distilled for Victoria’s Secret to
highlight its lush sparkle and exotic freshness. Rare and
precious Sandalwood from India. Elusive moments of
Mimosa, Honeyed Musk and White Woods.

Parfums Intimes arrives April 2009.

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