Hauls From Joppa Minerals, Earthen Glow and Adorned With Grace

Here is a collective haul from some of my mineral makeup companies. If you check the "Labels" at the bottom of the right-side bar of this blog, you'd see that I have written about many, many mineral makeup companies and their products. I love mineral makeup because the minerals are just soothing, calming and healing on my skin, and don't break me out. With the aid of a hydrating facial mist, you can make your mineral makeup as dewy, natural and glowy as you want it to be. Mineral shimmer blushes are also amazing, as well as mineral eyeshadows (I'm obviously a mineral 'ho!). That said, here are my newest acquisitions with some more to come. Swatches of the mineral shadows and looks using these are coming up soon.

I got my haul from Earthen Glow Minerals during their Buy-One-Get-One sale, and I love the stuff I got. I bought three eyeshadows and I got another three as freebies because of the BOGO sale, then I got a fourth free one (see the one with the label "Thank you from EGM". The other full-size mineral foundation I got as a freebie, Soon, is not included, but I have a comparison picture below. Yuan Yuan is my perfect shade right now in Earthen Glow.

As you can see, Soon is much yellower than Yuan Yuan. I hope I can use Soon in the summer when I turn darker. As it is, Yuan Yuan is just perfect, and I can't be happier that I am using it straight (no mixing with other shades). I love the coverage and how it brightens up my complexion.

During Joppa's Free Shipping sale, I got their new shade, the Medium-Light 2.5 that they say is perfect for asian women with my skintone. I wore it this morning and I think this is a perfect fit. I will be posting a look using Joppa's mineral foundation in this shade soon.

Lastly, Franchesca of Adorned With Grace Minerals sent me some samples of her new lipgloss and liptint shades. These are still in the testing stage and not available for sale yet, but I gotta tell you, these are amazing, ultra-yummy shades. There are a lot more in store from the brand and the lip products are gorgeous. I tested one of them in THIS LOOK, and I really love the finish and the color. I will be buying a full-size of that shade if and when it gets officially launched on the website.

If you want more information or swatches and looks using these mineral makeup brands, just click on the "LABELS"below this post!


nikkiz. said...

Aileen, thanks for the comparison with "SOON". I'm thinking that shade could work for me once I get my sample. Crossing my fingers for another BOGO from EG in a few months.

Those AwG lippies look promising. Maybe that could be the answer to my SN lippie lemming since they don't ship to the PH anymore, BOO!

Phyrra said...

Wow, looks awesome! I meant to ask you what other mmu companies you like :)

Cris said...

Those sample glosses look strange...I've never seen ones like this before :o. So thanks for that, lol - always good to learn something ;).

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

we're the same shade in AWG. i'm yuan yuan too. nice haul! i agree about what nikkiz said about the lippies for AWG. maybe they can replace SN. haha!

TheShadesOfU.com said...

Nikki- I think Soon can be a good summer shade for me, but what would I do with Helena and Janell? Decisions, decisions! :D And I believe you will love the AwG lippies. I'm posting a look using one today!

Phyrra- oh just check out my Labels, I am loving a LOT! :D I like Lumiere, of course Aromaleigh, Adorned With Grace, Meow, Buff'd Joppa, Dayna's, LaurEss, DreamWorld ---arggh, too many to mention! For specific products that I like, the Labels have everything sorted out. :)

Cris- what's so strange? Those are q-tips with a bit of the product in clear baggies. :) Silk Naturals also gives samples in that form. Aromaleigh gives a smidgen of the product without providing the q-tip, so you need to apply them using a lip brush.

musicalfan- I agree, you will LOVE the new AwG lippies, I was pleasantly surprised myself.

Cheryl Anne said...

I'm so happy to hear that Franchesca is coming out with lippies! I do love SN lippies too...but I always buy from AWG, and will definitely sample these when they come out, or buy FS, whichever she'll end up offering.

Thanks for the heads up!! That shade you're wearing looks great!