BeautyCrunch Haul: Stila Look 1 and POP Beauty Smokey Rose and Brown Eyes Palettes

I got some amazing cheap finds again from, and this time I got some stuff from POP Beauty aside from Stila. These are my first POP Beauty palettes, and I gotta say that with a good primer (I used MAC Soft Ochre paint pot), the colors are pretty pigmented and rich. The cheek colors are soft and just perfect for everyday application. I loved my two wallet-palettes - Smokey Rose and Brown Eyes. They are very travel-friendly (easily fit into your purse for those day-to-night touch-ups or weekend travels). I can't believe I bought the Smokey Rose for only $17 (originally $42) and Brown Eyes Wallet for only $12.50 (originally $32)! They are amazingly good deals. If you are in the US, go check out Beautycrunch as they have dirt-cheap deals for some really nice makeup items, and many can be nice gifts as well.

CORRECTION: These swatches are from the Smokey Rose Wallet, not the Brown Eyes one.

Cheek colors

POP Beauty Smokey Rose Palette

The limited-edition kit contains 12 Eyeshades in Silver Black liner, Deep Wine liner, Silver Grey liner/crease, True Plum liner, Antique Pink lid color, Taupe lid/crease, Perfect Pink lid/crease, Light Silver lid color, Powdery Pink highlight, Warm Pink highlight, Salmon highlight, Cream White highlight, four Cheek Colors in Pink Glow, Pink Highlight, Vintage Rose and Salmon Pink Highlight, two Lip Glosses in Cranberry Tint and Baby Pink Glow, and a full-size professional Duo Ended Brush. The kit comes with full instruction sheets on how to apply makeup.

Size: 0.056 oz lip glosses/ 0.19 oz blushes/ 0.37 oz eyeshadows

My Take: The Smokey Rose Wallet
is a complete eyeshadow, blush and lip palette as it already has coordinating colors for your eyes, cheeks and lips. The slim wallet is perfect as a travel companion, and it comes with a dual-ended eyeshadow/liner brush, although it's rather flimsy and is just useless. You can bring your own brushes and easily work magic using the products in the wallet. I am in love with the deeper colors, they are so pigmented and the nuances are rich and beautiful. The dark brown-black with red pearl reminds me of MAC's 100 Strokes eyeshadow. The lighter colors are soft and can be natural everyday colors. The cheek colors are so pretty as well.

POP Beauty Eye Class Brown Eyes Wallet

Twelve gorgeous lid-finishers in eye-matching hues, designed to make the color of your eyes POP! Mix & match any of the colors to create the classiest flirty wink - just follow our easy-peasy 4-step instructions.

Yet another glimmering master class in eye makeup from Pop! These twelve super silky, long-lasting glowing lid finishers have been carefully combined to make your brown eyes pop and sparkle in no time at all! Twelve tasty shades in an irresistible shimmering gold wallet - it's the perfect accessory for those glam parties.

Shades include: Jet-black liner, smokey bronze liner, deep copper shimmer, chocolate shimmer, apricot shimmer, peach gold, bronze glow, nude gold, sunny peach, nude, gold glitter, true gold

My Take:
I got this wallet because it's just right for everyday office makeup. I wake up real early in the morning because I carpool with someone who goes to work early, so this is perfect to bring to work so I can apply my makeup in the car or the rest room if I wake up late or ran out of time getting ready or whatever. I like the colors because it only doesn't contain soft neutral shades, but it contains deep liner shades that you can use to intensify the look and take your day makeup to evening dramatic looks when necessary.

Stila Look No. 1 Palette

This Japan-only 4-pan palette - made in Stila's signature style - was created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of CanCam magazine - THE fashion magazine in Japan.

And now it is available to Stila girls everywhere!

Three wet/dry eye shadows and one shimmery cheek color will give you a classic Stila look.

My Take: I bought this Stila palette for $10. Ten bucks!! I've heard about the rumors circulating that Stila is allegedly closing down, but some people say that they are merely refinancing. In this economy, it is somehow not that surprising, but I would be really sad if they would eventually have to fold down as the quality of their cosmetics is really top-notch and their approach on packaging, their marketing concept and themes are fresh and unconventional. Anyways, this palette is the quintessential girl-next-door makeup palette. It contains eyeshadows and a cheek color to help a girl get through her day looking polished, even professional. The colors are soft and pretty, meant to enhance the natural beauty of a woman and not overpower it. For the price, this is such a steal.

Watch out for looks using these gorgeous palettes.


Blair said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I was a silent reader for ages before I decided to take the plunge and leave you a comment ^^

I almost mistook the Pop Beauty palettes as leather wallets hahaha. I prefer the colours in Smokey Rose especially the darker shades.

Stila is pulling out from my place, I think there might be a grain of truth about the rumours.

Crystal said...

do you know if they restock products that are out of stock? i want the smudge pot trio kasi e. for me, it works better than MAC fluidline.

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

wow thanks for the heads up! really wonderful site! :-D

Clarissa aka Ressamakeup said...

hey girl great haul. it's to bad beauty crunch does not ship outside of the US ... :( really wish they did.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up, Stila is not closing. I have this from a very reliable source. They are indeed refinancing and will be back soon once everything is finalized. said...

Clarissa- I hope BeautyCrunch ships international soon! I bet when they're THAT big (almost there!), they will!

A- that's good to know. Stila deserves to be around for a long time.