Aromaleigh Valentine Limited Edition Shadows: Initial Thoughts and Swatches

I finally got my Aromaleigh Valentine 2009 Shadows samples, and I really, really love the colors. I believe this is going to be one of my favorite Aromaleigh eyeshadow collections, together with Bete Noire and Gothic Lolita. For now I'll just let the pictures do the talking. I swatched them on my hand dry without a base. I also took different shots and angles of the swatches so you can better see the color nuances.

First of all, here's a shout-out to Phyrra (Decorative Diva): you were right, I love Pillow Talk! I am amazed you actually knew my type of shades. :) I *think* (not sure because I have not placed them side by side yet) this is going to be similar to Champagne Toast from the Holiday Blast collection, but a little pinkier, maybe? Anyways, I think I might end up with a full size jar of Pillow Talk.

I love the shades in these collections because most of them are pretty neutral- chocolate, mauve, pinks, beiges are some of my favorite eyeshadow colors, mainly because they are very wearable and feminine at the same time. I am also loving Affair, Soul Mate, Chocolate Heart, Be Mine, Wine and Dine, Intrigued and Lovelorn. The good thing is that these are also on sale at 25% off up till 10a.m. EST on February 18. It's too tempting!

Here are the official descriptions of the colors from the Aromaleigh website.

Soulmate: A soft, velvety frosted pink that is extremely wearable due to it's buff undertone.

First Kiss: This appears to be a plush, smooth medium cool pink... but it goes on with a surprising violet highlight.

Bliss: A warm frosted coppery brown with tiny glints of silver throughout.

Fervor: Cool brown with a heart of pink roses, and bright sparks of copper.

Chocolate Heart : Luscious cool toned brown, pearlescent.

Sweet Nothings : Rosy mauved light brown with vivid twinklings of blue.

Be Mine : Soft and buttery smooth frost with unexpected bright twinklings of gold.

Pillow Talk : Pale buff pink with violet sparkles. Fans of our holiday big seller "Champagne Toast" will love this!

Love Note : Cool brown with green iridescence. Pearly frost, steely undertones. Like a cooler version of our discontinued "Elfin".

Intrigued: Smooth, pearl frosted warm chocolate brown with a deep undertone.

Hot Stuff : Can't resist vivid coral-red soft frost with violet sparks. Don't be shy!

Sea of Love : Deep, richest pearlized teal with deep pewter tones and glints of silver.

Lovelorn : Exquisite! Deepest rose brown with a myriad of smooth iridescence. Sure to please.

xoxo : Purply mauve with coppery iridescence. Very smooth and plush.

Heart and Soul : Sheer, easy to wear vivid magenta with sparks of pink. Can be foiled for more intense application.

Affair: Mid-deep smooth rosy coppered brown with soft golden iridescence.

Wine and Dine :
Wine and rich garnet tones apply like silk with the slightest copper iridescent highlight tone.

In my opinion, I find the finish, texture and color pay-off of the Valentine shadows better than the Opulent Lustres, but I also like some of the shades from that collection. If you want romantic, feminine, and something really gorgeous to wear for a romantic night out, check out the Valentine limited edition shadows from Aromaleigh. I can't wait to come up with looks using these.


Phyrra said...

I think Pillow Talk is very similar in style to Champagne Toast and I remembered you LOVED Champagne Toast, so I was pretty sure you'd love Pillow Talk.

I think these are gorgeous and romantic colors too!
I'm loving Hot Stuff a whole lot.

Bella said...

Hermana ----- happy friday.

I just gave you a Triple Award in the Cafe Beautique!!! So drop by and be honored as the Diva you are!


Shades Of U said...

Phyrra- I am trying hard not to give in and buy full sizes! Have you taken advantage of the sale?

Bella- thank you dear! I am truly honored! :)

Phyrra said...

Ah no, I actually just made another purchase of Nyx products!

I did win 4 full sizes from Aromaleigh for Kristen using 4 of my names for the Valentine's Day collection. She used Intrigued, Fervor, Affair and Bliss.
So I chose Hot Stuff, Pillow Talk, Sea of Love, and DeathValley.

I actually chose Pillow Talk on a leap of faith that I'd like it since it looked like a pretty neutral. I'm in love with Hot Stuff, because I really like bright corals.